There are many incentive options that Paloma Tours can organize in this beautiful destination, located on the Black Sea Coast.

The Valley of Roses – Kazanlak area

The Bulgarian oil yielding rose is a symbol of Bulgaria. It embodies the freshness of nature, the aesthetics of Bulgarian culture and the pursuit of beauty and happiness. Rose is grown for rose oil production and for other derivative products used in the perfume industry.

Bulgarian rose oil is of superior quality that is unrivaled in the world. It is a material, preferred by many reputable perfumery manufacturers. Its secret lies in the technology of extraction – by triple distillation and intermediate cooling. Despite the fact that the oil-yielding rose does not originate from Bulgaria, the local climate is its most favorable environment for flourishing.

The oil-yielding rose was brought to Bulgaria by the Ottoman Turks, who used rose oil in some of the Muslim rituals. The strongest tradition in rose production is near the towns of Karlovo and Kazanlak. Not surprisingly, this region is called the “Valley of Roses”.

Rose growing was the main livelihood of the local population. The Rose Institute is the only in the world museum of roses, where you can learn about the history of the plant and about rose production in Bulgaria, is located in Kazanlak.
Rose harvest in Kazanlak and Karlovo is held in late May and is associated with joy, feasts and songs. Oil-yielding rose is picked early in the morning, when the leaves of the plant are covered with drops of dew. It is these drops, where the rose oil is stored, and they are the key to high quality rose products. 
Celebrations continue with a folklore procession and tasting of rose foods and beverages in the ethnographic complex of Kazanlak. Here you can taste rose jam, rose brandy or fragrant rose liqueur.
Take a souvenir perfume, rose water or a rose soap to remind you of Bulgaria and its fragrant flowers.

Prohodna Cave

The magnificent cave is actually a giant cave tunnel, in fact the biggest in Bulgaria with 365 m in length and more than 56 m in height.

Due to erosion from water leaking trough the cave for millions of years to eye-shaped holes, called the `Eyes of God`, have formed on the ceiling thus making Prohodna a unique cave experience.
The natural sight also provides a note of extreme activities with its climbing routes and the pendulum jump spot. Near by a beautiful echo trail follows the most magnificent meander in Bulgaria.
Along the stream of the golden Panega River. Many of the high cliffs surrounding the canyon have interesting shapes that were given corresponding names by the locals such as ”The Ship” , “The nose”, “The pot” etc.
Following the course of the trail we find ourselves next to the “Tamna Dupka of Panega”, a yet an explore cave with an underground karst spring.
Just a 112 km from Sofia this combination makes for a great day trip, one that you will keep you excited for a long time!
You should be well equipped: comfortable walking shoes are recommended for the hike, as well as rain coat and long pants, sun hat is absolutely obligatory in the summer, to protect you from the strong sun

Boyana Waterfall

 "It looks like as if this waterfall does not come from the Vitosha Mountain, but somewhere from the sky, carrying the rays of the azure and the noise of their storms." Ivan Vazov, "The Waterfall"

The Boyana Waterfall is considered the most beautiful and largest waterfall in Vitosha Mountain. The only sound that may interrupt the unique silence and true serenity of the breathtaking scenery is the one of the splashing waters, falling gracefully from 15 m

Iskar Ranch – Adventure in the nature

Horseback riding is the central activity at the Ranch where many of the horses have been raised and trained. 25 horses under saddle makes it easy for us to provide suitable horses in top condition for all our guests throughout the whole season - no matter what their level of experience is.
The largest reservoir in Bulgaria is situated very close to Sofia – in less than an hour by car we will be at the starting point of our kayaking adventure.
And it will last as long as your abilities allow it – you can explore the nearby beaches, you can reach the opposite shore, if you are strong enough of course to get back. If you lack prior training our instructor will give you the necessary instructions and will help you enjoy your first kayaking trip.

7 Rila Lakes

One of our most favorite destinations, the 7 Rila Lakes, is without a doubt also one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria.

The Seven Rila Lakes are situated in the highest mountain on the Balkans – Rila (2925 m), between 2,100 and 2,500 meters above sea level.
The Lakes are just 1, 30 h away from the capital of Bulgaria, which makes them a perfect day trip from Sofia.
All seven of the lakes has their own name which reflects its typical shape or characteristics. The names of the Seven Rila Lakes are:

  1. The Tear – the highest one
  2. The Eye – the deepest one
  3. The Kidney – perfect for a picnic
  4. The Twin – the largest one
  5. The Trefoil
  6. The Fish Lake – the shallowest one
  7. The Lower Lake – the lowest one

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