In recent years, Bulgaria has established itself as destination for incentive group who need some for night fun. Everyone loves spending their evenings when the city is all lit up and looking especially charming. For a small city, Sofia has a lot of things going on at night and it guarantees lots of fun, while also being cost efficient.

Rather than having to choose only one location to spend the night – amongst so many – why not do a pub crawl? We recommend the Hidden Bar Pub Crawl which takes you to four bars that are hard to find on your own with a local guide. The guides are a unique part of this experience. They’ll take the time to get to know you and at the end of the night you’ll have made some new friends.

Vitoshka Boulevard, nicknamed Vitoshka, is one of the best places to be at night in Sofia, loved by tourists and locals alike.

There are several good restaurants on this pedestrian boulevard – we especially recommend Shtastliveca for Bulgarian food. Established in Veliko Tarnovo in 1997, the chain Shtastliveca lives by the motto: “A collection of tastes and aromas”. This is how the team describe the local: "Love of the homeland and staying true to their roots keep that flame in the eyes, which inspires people to do the best they are capable of, to leave behind. In our 15 years of history, we, the team of Shtastliveca Restaurants have been devoted to the idea of being not just places for eating, but a wholesome experience." 

Who wouldn’t want to have a panoramic view of a stunning city? As many other capitals, Sofia offers a few rooftop bars that are worth visiting if you are looking for something different to do. Our favorite is the Rooftop Bar from Sense Hotel due to the mirific view that it offers upon Alexander Nevsky Cathedral but also because it has delicious cocktails and a great selection of Bulgarian wines.

Last but not least, who wouldn’t like to party till the sun rises? In the evening is time - to forget about the daily worries, to relax during the good music, to drink a glass of aromatic wine, to embrace the emotion. The perfect place to do all of these is Gotham Club – one of the most prominent nightlife spots that you simply can’t miss. Whether you want to dance to the beat of electronic music or whether you want to enjoy RnB music, this place is ideal for all that. Making you dance, this place has been decorated in Batman theme and remains open till morning.