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Game of Thrones in particular, but also Star Wars: Episode 8 and Robin Hood: Origins have all played their part in launching Croatia into the global spotlight. It seems that after a successful last few years attracting international TV and film productions, 2017 could be a record year for ‘Filming in Croatia’.

Mamma Mia

The US film production company Universal Pictures started shooting the sequel to the hit 2008 American-British-Swedish film musical Mamma Mia! in Croatia, on the island of Vis. The film, following a popular Broadway musical, featured Hollywood stars Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, among others, singing along to hits from the 1970s Swedish legendary pop band Abba. While the 2008 film was shot in Greece, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! is filmed on the island of Vis, which is host to the 700-strong film crew.

Black Money Games

Tom Hanks, the Hollywood A-liner, is expected to come to Croatia in the spring next year to begin recording on the multimillion dollar budget movie Black Money Games directed by Adam Wright. According to reports the production will be based on the island of Hvar and Tom Hanks will play in the leading role of this 50 million dollar project. Croatia will find itself in the film not only as a location but also through significant events in the film. Filming of Black Money Games is rumored to begin this autumn and a release date has been set for August 2018.

James Bond

The James Bond team recently entered advanced talks to secure Dubrovnik as a filming location, and they’ve already confirmed 007 has his sights set on Croatia for his next outing. Bond films are loved for their spectacular filming backdrops, which ranged from Thailand to Portugal, and in terms of jaw-dropping scenery, sophisticated establishments and memorable backdrops, Dubrovnik ticks all the boxes. According to The Mirror, Bond will be journeying to Croatia for a film based on the 2001 novel Never Dream of Dying by Raymond Benson, the author of Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day. The 25th James Bond film will hit cinemas in November 2019.

Robin Hood

Lionsgate production Robin Hood: Origins, directed by Otto Bathurst and starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan and Eve Hewson, was filmed from the 20th of  February till the 6th of March 2017 in Dubrovnik which was transformed in legendary city of Nottingham. With a budget of between US$70 million (S$99 million) and US$100 million, according to local media, Robin Hood: Origins was set to be the most expensive movie ever filmed in the country. The US distribution is scheduled for March 2018.

Game of Thrones

There can’t be many visitors to Croatia who are still not aware that the Dalmatian city of Dubrovnik is a key location in HBO’s obscenely popular fantasy series ‘Game Of Thrones’. Croatia has been a prominent Game of Thrones filming location since Season 2 with filming locations dotted throughout the country. Dubrovnik, Lokrum island, Diocletian’s palace in Split, the fortress in Klis… numerous sites played a significant role in creating the wondrous fantasy world that hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world became invested in. This especially applies to Dubrovnik, where multiple filming locations in the Pearl of the Adriatic got united in themed guided tours that proved to be an instant hit.

Star Wars

During March 2016 Dubrovnik was host to none other than the mighty Star Wars - the Star Wars franchise. Filming for Star Wars Episode 8, was done at some of the most interesting and most recognizable locations in Dubrovnik's Old City Centre. The filming transformed some of Dubrovnik's streets and landmarks turning it into a sci-fi fantasy setting during the few weeks of preparation and just over a week of filming. Filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII, which is written and directed by Rian Johnsons and will star Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro and Jurassic Park and Enlightened star Laura Dern, brought 5 million euros to Croatia, making it the most expensive film production per day ever in the country.

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