Your event in a Cupola

The geodesic dome based cupola has been turning festivals, concerts and events into magical experiences. "Kupola", as we call it here, can be set up anywhere - a beach, a meadow, a city square or a conference centre parking lot. It is the most wind resistant structure known and also provides an exceptional load bearing capacity (imagine acostumed silk aerial artist pouring champagne suspended on silks from up high). Assembly is simple and quick and all the AV equipment is rigged onto the structure so there are no tresses, projectors or cables in the way on the ground. Cover can be opaque or clear, depending what you need the dome for - a dinner for 350, an unconventional meeting space, a concert or an expo hall. Where would you like to hold your cupola event?

Get aboard a floating Party Deck

Croatian Adriatic Sea houses the largest sailing charter fleet in the world; and it is no longer a secret that its 1246 islands are must visit. Since clients wanted to keep their guests on one boat, a 90-person catamaran is just perfect. A floating bar has enough space for those who love to lounge in the sun and those who like to move to the dance floor and mingle on the deck. Swimming, watersports, lunch, all of it can be done right off the boat, while leisurely cruising island to island. Whether you base your program out of Dubrovnik, Split or Zadar, let us include a day-trip on the catamaran.

Unwind your senses with Digital Detox

An emerging trend in incentive programs offers a response to our hectic day schedules and exposure digital devices - Digital Detox. These wellness programs are a delightful chance to rejuvenate as a team. Using everything that the Adriatic Sea has to offer, we are having a great time playing with this trend. Negative ions therapy in the morning, yoga class by the sea, a fresh nutritional juice and a stand-up paddle board moving meditation, these sessions are sure to lift up your spirits. Combine a natural aromatherapy session on a pine forest walk listening to cricket chirp and sea waves, submerge in the healing properties of the Mediterranean diet of natural super foods like oysters, kale, chard and garlic, and unwind the way your senses prefer.

Interact with a local expert over tea

To have an interactive session with locals can be a most memorable moment of your trip. With larger groups coming in and time constraints; however this activity has been reduced to mere brief service exchange. Share with us your group's interest and we will find an appropriate expert local to enlighten over tea. For one of our US clients, a dialogue with a history professor specializing in former Yugoslavia's relations with the USA was organised. It happened in the impressive art deco reading room of Croatian State Archive and set the stage for their journey through Croatia, putting the culture, history and politics in a context. It ended up being one of the group's favourite moments of the trip.

Learn how to bake a perfect loaf of bread in a fire pit

During this distinctive cooking class, usually organized on a family farm in the hinterlands, learn how to bake a perfect loaf of bread in a fire pit. It offers another unique opportunity to interact with the locals and learn a bit about their traditional way of living. Croatia has been inhabited continuously for at least 8000 years and some of the places and customs such as this one put us in touch with that ancient past. This is one truly unique experience that your group will love to tell stories about.