For almost 20 years, Maxin PRAGUE has been among the best agencies in the Czech Republic providing services for Meetings * Incentives * Conferences * Events. Over the course of that time, we have organized a variety of social events, hi-tech conferences and program activities for more than 400,000 guests.

Each and every one of our events is different from the previous one. Character of event is determined by current season, number of guests, their demands, location and desires, country from which they arrive and also their budget. All these details have an impact on the multifariousness and diversity of realizations.

What remains largely without radical changes for many years is our city of Prague and our country - the Czech Republic. We can find countless historical buildings and sights including 12 sites and monuments registered in world of heritage of UNESCO list, rich cultural life in all regions of the country, as well as high-quality hotels offering great value for money. All of these prerequisites place Prague chiefly at the forefront of the world's popularity ranking. The result is higher number of guest's visiting our country but also the "unpleasant" high number of competing event agencies.

Since each of these agencies, including us, offers similar database of hotels, venues and program packages, our new potential clients are often asking why they should sign the contract with us. How do we differ from our competitors? How can we convince them that Maxin PRAGUE is the right choice?

While we very much respect the work of our colleagues including competitive tendering, we are different:

  • Our company slogan says "Details Create Excellence" and we take care of every single detail in every single realization
  • As the only Czech event agency we run a family business: in Maxin PRAGUE it is I, mother and founder, and my two sons on the most important positions
  • We are the only representative behind the Czech Republic in such an important association as "euromic" and that is without a doubt
  • We offer team building and incentive programs Catalyst, which we have exclusive representation in the Czech Republic that other agencies cannot offer or implement in an original and highly sophisticated design.
  • Define the problem in your team you need to solve, the skills you want your stuff to improve, our Catalyst team will choose from more than 80 team-based activities, the most appropriate and tailor-made for you. It's not only about the time spent together. It is about a high added value that will remain in every participant and about the inspiration they will draw from for a long time.

If you are looking for a progressive company with innovative ideas and creative programs, we are the event agency to pick!

Your Maxin DREAM Team

For more information and/or requests, please contact Jarmila Skorikova at