Tracking the best rooftop sites with fantastic views of Prague and traditions in making Czech wine in scenic Prague vineyards...

One of a kind event on a city rooftop

It is not an unknown fact that historical sites dating back to 12th century are accessible to the public. Not many know, however, that some of them have gorgeous terraces that we can take you to visit. Stunning panoramic views are combined with a welcome drink as a part of a must-see city tour or pre-gala reception.

Base of Czech Philharmonic

The beautiful, neo-renaissance Rudolfinum building is located on the right bank of the Moldova River and was opened in 1885. Since its beginning, it has been linked to music and the fine arts.
Czech Philharmonic with Antonin Dvorák first performed here one year after its opening. For this reason, the world-renowned concert hall is named after him and it is a place of many important happenings within the classical music scene.

The first passage building in Prague

Palace Lucerna is located just few steps of Wenceslas Square is the first of many passage houses in the Czech Capital. This type of structure is known for its numerous hallways, subways, and balconies.
The Architectural origins of the passage houses dates back to the second half of the 19th century, when the Czech economy was rising and a new generation of businesses became incredibly prosperous.
The spiritual patron of the building is the architect, Vácslav Havel, who is grandfather of the first president of the Czech Republic – Václav Havel in years 1993-2003.

Prague vineyards

Can you believe that there are 15 working vineyards within the Prague area?
We will be glad to help you pick the ones with the most memorable atmospheres, remarkable histories, and extraordinary wines.

Vineyards near Prague Castle

According to a 10th century legend, St. Wenceslas Vineyard on the south hill of Prague Castle was founded by Prince Wenceslas who cultivated the wine himself. Sometime after the wine crops started deteriorating, a nearby classical villa built in 1835 was used by various institutions and individuals according to whatever power was in control of Prague.
Nowadays, the whole area has undergone renovation and now offers a perfect location for a wine degustation of white and red Moravian wines or the exclusive opportunity to organize a tasting of wines that are produced in the vineyard.

Vineyard in Troja

Drive just 15 minutes from the center of Prague and you will find yourself on the picturesque South-Western slopes of the extensive Salabka vineyards in close proximity to the Prague Botanical Gardens.
The first mention of these vineyards was almost 800 years ago and it has a protected settlement with origins in the 16th century.
Today, you can see the oldest seedlings in Bohemia that have been producing grape wine for almost 70 years.  The top fruit spirits here including wine and liqueurs are a great attraction.

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