2018 is a very important year for the Czech Republic, as October 28th will mark the centennial anniversary of Czech statehood.

The magical number eight has played a significant role in modern Czech history:

* In 1938, Czechoslovakia lost its border territories that had been part of the country since the Middle Ages. 

* In February 1948, the Communist Party seized power and for the next 40 years, a totalitarian regime ruled in Czechoslovakia. 

* The Prague Spring of 1968, which was the dawn of socialism with a human face, ended with the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops in August of the same year.

* Democratic movements in late 1989 brought the totalitarian dominance of the Communist Party to an end in Czechoslovakia and in other European countries and provided the chance to again be free. Maybe it should have happened one year earlier to stay true to our number eight tradition

This is just the beginning of 2018 and like one hundred years ago, everything is in place for us to live a happy, and in all respects, a fulfilled life in a democratic and prosperous country. 
Despite all the turbulent times mentioned above, no historic Czech cities, nor its nature, castles or chateaux were destroyed. Twelve incredible sites together with other surviving intangible traditions have been inscribed in UNESCO s World Heritage List.

We are very happy to be able to offer so many beautiful places for your personal and work events. In addition, this year we can also enhance your stay in the Czech Republic with countless exhibitions and concerts dedicated to our country s centennial celebration, which will be felt throughout Europe.

We wish all a successful 2018 full of optimism and bright prospects!
Your Maxin TEAM

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