• Our borders are open to certain countries without any restrictions (Schengen space mostly), with the rest allowed but needing to test negative for covid for arrival
  • All services are opened – hotels, restaurant, theatres etc, so you can enjoy a full trip, incentive or group there
  • Events can happen too – they are limited to 500 people


  • The best time to visit the Czech Republic is June, or early September, when the weather is great and there is more hotel availability
  • There is also some good availability in great hotels currently!

PIC 2 v2

  • A great new garden in Prague city centre, complete with modern bistros - has been finished during Covid time
  • During this time Maxin Prague has also developed many online team building activities possible to deliver for remote teams: another great service to offer you for motivating your teams and colleagues

Let Maxin Prague help you with incentives, groups and events in the Czech Republic, or in these times of restricted travel, with team building programmes your team can take part remotely:

Email: czech@euromic.com
Website: http://www.maxin-prague.cz/
Tel: +420 277 779 919