You’ve had a tough day with your incentive programme and the only thing you and your team want is to relax with some good interesting activity. Something that will drag your attention fully in and let your tension disappear. This might be the right inspiration you are looking for.

An activity which leads to the extraordinary vibes and atmosphere. An activity where you will be able to create a real chain reaction. All this by using a bunch of bizarre objects. And once all the parts of the chain are done, real fun begins!

 “For every action, there is a reaction.“

Take the chain reaction tabletop party entertainment and team building challenge...

The activity itself requires accuracy, team coordination and collaboration on a common goal. Each team receives a game board and a set of game cards. They first consult each other,  and then start sharing information and resources with other teams to try to figure out a strategy to create the most exciting series of simple machines. During planning and construction itself, we see the growing self-confidence of the teams that are starting to see what they are able to do if they actually work together on a common goal.

Once all this is done, as well as construction and testing, the moment of truth comes. The chain reaction is triggered, and each team’s efforts hopefully works with it all to complete the overall chain reaction effect.