Entering Hungary

  • Foreigners coming for business or economic reasons are permitted to enter Hungary under certain circumstances. A separate regulation applies for citizens of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia entering Hungary.
  • Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc airport is open. International commercial flight options currently exist in Hungary. Covid-19 information for passengers is available at

General rules/information

  • Physical distancing of one and a half meters is to be kept. Face masks are mandatory while shopping, during public transportation, in taxis, at public transport stations, waiting rooms and stops, and also in theatres, cinemas and shopping malls.
  • Public areas, parks, shops, shopping malls and markets are open.
  • Most of the restaurants, cafés, bars and hotels are open, but employees are expected to wear face masks. Catering and night spots must close at 11 p.m.
  • Cultural institutions, such as libraries, museums, zoos, cinemas and theatres are open.





  • As excellent master of modern Hungarian prose writing Gyula Krúdy says the mother of autumn and Buda is the same.

PIC 2 Hungary AutumnPIC 2 Hungary Autumn

  • During early autumn/fall you can indulge yourself by visiting a vineyard from one of the 22 wine regions of the country. The grape harvesting season starts this time of the year. We look forward to share with you the tasting of the high-quality wine produced in 2020.

PIC 3 Hungary VineyardPIC 3 Hungary Vineyard

  • Did you know that Hungarian oak is one of the best sources for making casks and it’s used by some of the elite whisky and wine makers from around the world?


  • Part of the Liget Budapest Project, The House of Hungarian Music, designed by Sou Fujimoto, has won the World's Best Use of Music in Property Development at the Music Cities Awards. Scheduled to open in 2021.
  • Hollywood superstar Nicolas Cage is currently in Budapest, shooting his newest production ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’. We are pretty sure that he is enjoying the city.
  • A Hungarian cognac-flavoured chocolate bonbon made by the Hungarian dessert company, Bonbonier Chocolate Manufactory won the Great Taste Awards, which is also known as the international gastro Oscar.
  • A Hungarian screenwriter, Kata Wéber is rated among the best writers, with her most recent work ‘Pieces of a Woman’ selected in a recent ‘best of’ list published by Variety, a specialist Hollywood magazine. The movie was presented at the Venice Film Festival and achieved great success.



  • Since the lock down, at Blaguss we have been upgrading our IT facilities to serve our clients on the highest level possible.
  • We have been also holding webinars for current and new partners to keep on spreading the word of our service.
  • We have also used the time to explore hotels and other facilities recently opened in the city.

PIC 5 Home Office Blaguss DMCPIC 5 Home Office Blaguss DMC

  • During these times we kept our good spirit by frequently holding internal video conferences and meet whenever it was possible – this has kept us happy and upbeat to deal with you now!
  • In September we experienced how to prepare a safe live event by participating at Power of Live Events Conference. It was organized by local suppliers with the support of the Budapest Convention Bureau and the Budapest Festival and Tourism Center, in cooperation with professional organizations. The aim was to show how to assure safe environment at live occasions considering the current regulations.


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