For one of our incentive groups we have recently had a unique chance to use a new spectacular venue on an event map of Warsaw. You have probably never thought of organizing a prestigious gala dinner with an award ceremony within an office building, have you? But finally isn’t it what we all want to achieve? To surprise our “have done it all” clients with some unobvious ideas and locations.
This time we passed this exam flawlessly! The event was organized in an impressive venue and luxurious office building, which combines a unique style with an ultimate prestige. The unique and exclusive character of this building is also underlined by the fact that it can be rented as an event venue only 6 times a year.

The central part of Ufficio Primo is its spectacular patio – internal courtyard covered with a futuristic dome. It serves tenants of the building, most of them being reputable Polish and international companies from financial sector, and is also used as a place of cultural events, exclusive product launches and fashion shows that require an elegant and unconventional surrounding. The interiors of the building are decorated with galleries inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The floor, made of black granite with elements of cream limestone, forms a stylized geometrical pattern.

The building is nowadays in hands of Kulczyk Holding, a group of companies created by Mr. Jan Kulczyk, who was the richest man in Poland, who for 20 years has been shaping the history of the Polish economy. As the owner of several extraordinary and prestigious buildings in Warsaw, Mr. Jan Kulczyk strived to make them become the pride of the capital and its inhabitants. He renovated buildings of historical value, restored them to the city, simultaneously introducing state of the art technical solutions. The modernization of the Ufficio Primo edifice is yet another initiative which added a unique office and artistic space to the map of Poland’s capital city. 

It’s also worth to mention that for the same group that in the evening was immersing themselves in the luxury of this marvelous gala dinner venue we organized an interactive teambuilding activity during the day. The participants had a chance to get acquainted with Warsaw’s topography, history as well as Polish culture and our delicious cuisine.
The group of 250 pax was divided into smaller teams whose aim was to solve different tasks marked on the map we gave them at the beginning of the game. The coordination of such an activity was pretty challenging due to a large size of this group, but finally we were very successful as participants enjoyed it a lot.
Among tasks to do guests learned to dance a traditional Polish dance, tasted a traditional Polish vodka, visited a Museum of Amber and had a chance to discover a so called “Polish gold”.
Summing up, the whole materialization was really successful and the clients very happy and amazed by the destination. It also gave us a huge satisfaction and another evidence how great and creative our job can be.

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