Viscri Village - Romanian authentic experience

Deep in the heart of Transylvania lies a village of such beauty to be worthy of the UNESCO World Heritage title. With its German influences and candid inhabitants, you will feel at home.

There  is also a large range of activities that can easily fill a week-long stay in Viscri: Visit the fortified church, Horse-drawn cart trips to the shepherd’s to watch the sheep milking or shearing, and taste the local cheeses (available between May and September), Horse-drawn cart trip to the coal makers, a difficult craft on the verge of extinction (available between May and September), Visit to the local blacksmith at work, Go truffle hunting in the surrounding woods (available between September and December)

Bran Castle - Private dinner in Dracula’s castle 

You can taste much better the legend that never stops to fascinate our minds by participating on a private dinner in Dracula’s Castle, who knows maybe Vlad Dracula will be there greeting you to dinner...

Transfagarasan road

Probably the most beautiful road in Europe, perfect place for car launches
How does this drive compare to other great roads? "We were wrong, this is better than the Stelvio, this is the best road in the world!" Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear.
This amazing road called the Transfagarasan highway passes over the Fagaras Mountains in Transylvania, Romania at 2000 meters.

Libearty Sanctuary - The bear’s sanctuary

With over 70 bears enjoying a new life in the Libearty Bear Sanctuary – 70 hectares of oak and hazel forest in the Carpathian Mountains above the Transylvanian town of Zarnesti.
Here, the bears climb trees, swim in the pools and forage on the vegetation. For many of them, having been caught from the wild as cubs, this is a new and stimulating experience. – Come visit them!

Bear tracking in Carpathian Mountains

Step into the wild and experience the thrill of tracking the mighty Brown Bear in the depths of Transylvania’s extensive forests and across the Carpathian Mountains.

The unique festival of Medieval Sighisoara

From 28th – 30th of July you are invited to experience the life of the medieval knights in the living citadel of the medieval city Sighisoara.

During the festival, you can find Knights Market, Pilgrims Market, Mercenaries Square, Troubadours Square, Small Knights Square, officials Great Tribune, Columnist House, Blacksmith Tower, Craftsman Road, Singer and Actors Road, Ancestors Road, Witches Court, Comedian Road, Pilgrims Way, Gourmet Court, Court Fortress, Prisoners Corner.

Founded in XII century by the Saxons brought by the Hungarian kings, city of Sighisoara is today one of the best preserved medieval cities of Europe.

Alba Iulia Carolina citadel

Discover the mysteries of Alba Carolina Citadel, the largest Vauban fortress in southeastern Europe, one of the 7 wonders of Romania

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