The path of discovering Dracula

Follow the track of Dracula by special off-road cars and have the dinner in the castle were Dracula was supposed to be living.  One day activity in which you will discover the Romanian Carpathians hidden places by special off road cars and end the day with a dinner in Dracula’s Castle – Bran Castle. You will leave Romania with the best possible impression.

Untold and Neversea Festival

Being at the 4th edition and voted “Best Major European Festival” in 2015 Untold is the highlight of European music festivals, you have to be part of this festival at least once in your life. If you plan to attend Untold you must not miss for sure the most beautiful salt mine of Romania which is very close to Cluj Napoca – home of Untold and capital of Transylvania.

Neversea, created in 2017 as the twin of Untold but located at the seaside. It attracted in 2017 over 40,000 people from all over the world, so as you can already see, partying is one of our biggest qualities and yes we know how to do it.

Touring Bucharest by Real Vintage Cars

Feel like an interwar era by touring Bucharest by Real Vintage Cars and also by visiting the biggest Car Museum in Europe – Tiriac Collection Bucharest once called “Little Paris” due to its architectural resemblance; Bucharest can offer a very special tour of its highlight points by Vintage Cars and also by Old Dacia Cars (Romanian made cars). If you are in Bucharest, make sure you not to miss “Tiriac Collection”, where are exposed over 150 collection cars – That’s a must for sure!

Crit Village

The Saxon village of Crit – Traditional accommodation in Crit Village by in a modern style Casa Kraus in Crit Village can be your Saxon escape in Transylvania! Casa Kraus is located in Transylvania, in the old village of Crit (Deutsch-Kreuz), within the region historically referred to as Haferland. The home of many cultural and environmental organizations, Haferland is highly acclaimed for its valuable heritage which includes the Saxon villages, the fortified churches, old craftsmanship, and not the least the wealth of nature.

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