Valea Verde Authentic Resort – Romanian authentic experience

Valea Verde is a splendid place in the heart of Transylvania, combining joie de vivre and culture, relaxation, nature and outdoor activities.
Whether you want a romantic weekend in a place hidden from the world, organizing a corporate meeting or just for leisure, you will find everything that you need here.
Located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, the picturesque village of Cund, where Valea Verde can be found, soaked up German, Romanian and Hungarian traditions over the centuries. The result is an extraordinary fusion of these different cultures.
The air is soft and clear, the ancient woods and winding paths are directly on our doorstep, meaning you can walk for hours without bumping into another soul. Here you can ride wild on the back of a horse, in spring you will have wild daffodils and orchids for company, in summer kestrels will be orbiting the piercing blue skies, in the fall you can go on truffle expeditions and in winter the snow-capped hills and mountains are perfect for winter sports.
Culture and history are intricately bound up with each other in Cund. And within a 100 km radius from the village you will find famous churches, spectacular Medieval buildings and Transylvanian highlights such as Sibiu, Sighisoara, Brasov or Bistrita.


Raven’s Nest

Raven's Nest is a private mountain retreat inspired by the old legends, traditions and long-standing Transylvanian customs.
For a complete and authentic experience, they have entirely refurbished centuries old houses and turned them into a peaceful hideout. Here is reinvented archaic recipes into spectacular dishes that pair up perfectly with the Transylvanian premium wines and artisanal beers.
Adventure, recreation and amazing views can all be savored up at this remote village in the land of fairy tales.
From here you can leave the nest to explore all the emblematic places that make this land so magical. Medieval cities, iconic castles, and spectacular countryside landscapes are all waiting to be conquered. Whether you choose destinations within walking distance, the ones that are a short drive away, or the farther ones, you will most certainly savor the Transylvanian adventure.


Vacaresti Natural Park – in the heart of Bucharest

In Vacaresti Lake, a water ecosystem with swamps, water spikes, reed beds, shrubs, poplar nests, cane and reed curtains has formed over the past 27 years, all of which constituted the habitat of birds of prey to nest and multiply here, but also of many species of reptiles, insects and frogs and even mammals. The park has become an excellent example of how nature can regain its rights, without any human help, right in the middle of the country's largest urban agglomeration.


Organize your meeting in the most beautiful Europe’s Delta:
The Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is comprised of an intricate network of waterways and lakes divided between the three main estuary channels of the Danube. This area of floating reed islands, forests, pastures and sand dunes covers 3,000 square miles and is home to a fascinating mix of cultures and people as well as a vast array of wildlife.
Located at the tip of the three channels, Tulcea makes a great starting point for exploring the Danube Delta.
Discover one of the most beautiful places in the world where the Danube meets the Black Sea. Green Village Resort blends adventure and wildlife with relaxation and comfort in a unique holiday realm: the Danube Delta paradise.


Bear tracking in Carpathian Mountains

Step into the wild and experience the thrill of tracking the mighty Brown Bear in the depths of Transylvania’s extensive forests and across the Carpathian Mountains.

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