• Land of medieval cities and medieval fortresses
  • Land of Dracula Castle
  • Land of mysteries: you have to come to discover the untold stories from our ancestors

What does "Lonely" say about this special destination?
Transylvania is best known as the mysterious land of bloodthirsty vampires and howling wolves. Some may think it’s fictional, but this central Romanian region is a real place. And it’s pretty special, too. Bordered to the east by the Carpathian Mountains, ‘the land beyond the forest’ still feels undiscovered. So, pack your garlic – here’s the lowdown on one of Eastern Europe’s most captivating regions” (LARA BRUNT- Lonely Planet Writer)

  • Land of wild life: we have the biggest population of brown bears in Europe

“It’s great for bear-spotting - The Carpathian Mountains are home to wolves, lynx and Europe’s largest population of brown bears. Around 5000 bears roam the oak and beech forests. The Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti, near Bra?ov cares for more than 70 bears rescued from cages and circuses.” (Lonely

Here are some highlights of Transylvania:

Fagaras Fortress - your unconventional conference in a medieval fortress

Fagaras Fortress is the most important monument of Fagaras and one of the largest in the country and even Europe.
The Fortress is an impressive stronghold originally built in 1310 and expanded from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century to create a square castle surrounded by a further thick curtain wall with five towers. Much of this later work was carried out during the reigns of Transylvanian Princes Gabriel Bethlen and György Rákóczi I.

Fagaras Fortress also has a moat which was used in times of conflict or unrest, all of which adds up to make it the most robust defensive structure in Romania.

In the 1950’s, during the communist era, Fagaras Fortress became a prison for political dissidents. Today, it serves as the Fagaras County Museum, exhibiting an array of artifacts ranging from Roman to medieval.

Bran Castle - The legend of Dracula

This castle that never stops to fascinate our minds, privatize the castle and make your unique event here in the heart of Transylvania.

Sighisoara - The museum city, the fairytale city

Founded in XII century by the Saxons, city of Sighisoara is today one of the best preserved medieval cities of Europe. Charm and historical value of many buildings and streets of the city led to their inclusion in UNESCO.

Alba Llia Carolina Citadel

Discover the mysteries of Alba Carolina Citadel, the largest urban fortress in southeastern Europe, one of the 7 wonders of Romania.
The heart of Alba Iulia is Alba Carolina Citadel. Alba Carolina, the most representative bastion fortress in Romania and Southeast Europe, built upon the initiative of Emperor Charles the VIth of Habsburg, under the supervision of the French-born Austrian field marshal Eugene of Savoy, is wearing its royal robe.
A royal citadel, residence of the bishopric, capital of autonomous principality, and a military garrison, Alba Iulia has been during all historical periods the main political, administrative, religious, cultural, and military centre of Transylvania. We invite you to visit The Other Capital of Romania.

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