If you think that it is Baikal or Ladoga, you're right but here you will know the right answer...

Do you think that it is Baikal?

Indeed, everyone knows the Siberian lake Baikal as the biggest, cleanest and deepest in the world. This lake is more than 20 million years old, but despite its impressive age it is considered as a young one and still continues to grow, as well as a choice of possible activities in this region.

For our clients we suggest driving on quad bikes, snowmobiles, cross-country motorcycles, dog sledges, hovercrafts, summer and winter diving, yachting, off-road  jeeping, steaming in an ice bath,  golf and ice-golf, kayaking, fishing, rafting on the mountain rivers and crossing rifts on the airboat, watching the Baikal baby seal (the nerpa), wildlife bear photography, descending into the cave and just doing yoga on the shore to find the tourist’s harmony with the energy and power of the world’s oldest lake.

Do you think that it is Ladoga?

On the southwestern part of Karelia is situated the largest freshwater lake in Europe.
It was originally named “Nevo”, that is why the main and the only effluent river of St. Petersburg has the name Neva. 

Along this waterway in remote ages ships found the way from Scandinavia to Byzantium. The severe northern beauty of Ladoga starkly differs from the southern seas. However, it very resembles a sea with its size and nature.

The two most popular islands Valaam and Kizhi, Staraya Ladoga - the first capital of ancient Rus, which got its name from the lake, and other cities of the famous rout are called the Silver Ring. Every year it attracts many tourists from all over.

During the World War II, on the frozen lake of Ladoga was held the ‘Road of Life’.  Along this road the blockaded Leningrad was supplied with food and citizens were evacuated. More than 1 million of people were evacuated during that time.

We prepared a unique itinerary which allows you to visit all the most significant places of Ladoga with the maximum comfort in a short time. And after such a fascinating trip, as a dessert, we can offer you to stop in the magapolis such as St. Petersburg or Moscow, so that the memories about authentic Russia stay fresh and allow comparing it with the modern life.

And speaking about the right answer, it’s a ‘Swan Lake’

Tchaikovsky’s immortal ballet. Perhaps, this is the only classical work which is famous not only among the theatre goers but also for amateurs, who are not interested in ballet.

For the citizens of the former USSR the ballet has rather ominous significance. It was this ballet which was shown during the August putsch in 1991 on all the country’s television channels. It’s hard to say why it was “Swan Lake” and not “The Nutcracker”, for example. However, the fact is that for many people this musical piece of Tchaikovsky has become a symbol of expectation of something alarming and significant for many years.

There is a well-known saying in Russia “The tenth swan in the fifth row”. Which means a dancer who has not achieved any success in a career, and constantly acts secondary roles-something like back ground artist.

We suggest you to enjoy the pearl of Russian classics on the most famous stages in the nearest future at Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow), Mikhailovsky Theatre (Saint Petersburg) or at the Mariinsky Theatre (Saint Petersburg): the 6th of December 2017, the 11th  and 12th of January 2018.

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