• Our national airline AirSerbia is now flying to: Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Krasnodar, Larnaca, Saint Petersburg, Ljubljana, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome, Stuttgart, London, New York, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Zurich, Moscow, Istanbul, Nice, Prague, Copenhagen, Vienna, Venice…
  • Hotels are open for individual bookings and will be ready to accommodate groups from July 1st


  • The best time to visit Serbia is from April to October. Spring and autumn are great times for discovering Belgrade and for business and incentive trips in general.  
  • If you want to go hiking and explore the countryside, surrounded by the beauties of the nature, then a trip to Serbia in late summer, when higher peaks are more accessible, is definitely the best option.
  • The local wines are available all year round, but come in October for harvest fun


  • You need to know the new Spa Hotel located on the slopes of Fruška Gora Mountain: “Fruške Terme” with 8 swimming pools and 12 different saunas and relaxation rooms. We at Talas Serbia can arrange for you the perfect way to get over the stress of the last few months…
  • Between the third and fourth century, a total of 18 Roman emperors – one fifth of all Roman rulers - were born not in Italy, but on the soil of what is modern-day Serbia
  • The very first shots in the first ever satellite broadcast signal between Europe and North America were of the Fresco “White Angel” from the Serbian monastery Mileševa, in 1963. We have a history of world beating connections to the United States!
  • Deliblato sands is the largest continental sand area in Europe
  • The entire world has adopted a Serbian word “vampire” for an evil and immortal mythological creature that is known for its appetite for human blood and its superhuman powers.


Photo credit: B Jovanovic

    • At the confluence of the Danube and the Sava River sit Belgrade’s fortress with its long history. Destroyed by the Huns and attacked by onslaughts of Barbarians, including the Slavs, legend says it is most likely where Attila’s grave lies
    • Those raspberries you are eating – most likely Serbian! Serbia has been topping the global raspberry export list for several years now. In 2012, almost 95% of the world’s raspberries came from this country.
    • When people think about clocks, they often think they come from Switzerland. Wrong! They should be thinking about Serbia. The Serbian clock-making industry is older than the world-famous Swiss one, as we had our own clock at least 200 years before the Swiss did.
    • 13 Serbs worked on the NASA’s Apollo – and one of the founders of the agency itself was a Serb named Mihajlo Pupin.
    • Three Serbs have won the Pulitzer – Valter Bogdanić, Čarls Simić and Mihajlo Pupin, while Ivo Andrić won the Nobel Prize for Serbia



    • Belgrade has so many secrets, but one of them hides inches below the surface. Literally. More than one hundred caves, canals, tunnels and passages tell the story of the city’s connection to various empires and states that ruled here over the ages. Talas Serbia is here to help you discover it all…
    • Talas means wave and we have used this time to bring in new waves of our own: staff training, learning new languages and developing new program concepts. All to make sure we offer you even better levels of Serbian service for your programs, incentives and groups. Why not plan to come visit the wonderful and unusual country that is Serbia?

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