• NO quarantines and self-isolation are required when entering Turkey
  • All airport ground operations started as of June 2020. THY started domestic flights as of 4th of June 2020, followed by international flights from 10th June 2020 to several key international destinations. They continue to increase the number of destinations now.
  • Turkey now went back to normal as of mid of June 2020 and the country started the holiday season in June, by gradually increasing those international flights to Turkey from10th of June 2020
  • Restaurants, cafes, parks, and sports facilities have been open from June 1, along with beaches and museums
  • All retail stores, the Spice Bazaar and the Covered Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and shopping malls are open and in business
  • Hotels opened in June 2020 under strict health and hygiene controls and measurement guidelines
  • All restaurants also opened under strict controls with measurement guidelines such associal distancing and new seating formats at 50% of their capacity in place
  • The “Healthy Tourism Certification” program was prepared under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, with the contributions of the Ministries of Health, Transport, Internal Affairs, and Foreign Affairs and the cooperation of the stakeholders in the entire sector.
  • We launched ODSTurkey protocols to help assure you on your trip to Turkey on 4th of June, and have been updating ever since
  • Alacatı is on the top 10 best places list in the world for windsurfing

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  • Many hotels, especially on the coastline, offer guests the villa-style accommodation which is very much in favour these days.
  • We have high-class restaurants in Istanbul that knock spots off Michelin-starred restaurants – great places such as Nicole, Frankie, and Mikla Restaurant
  • The Spice Market is standout among other venues. Not only is it an ODSTurkey preferred shopping spot, we enjoy presenting unforgettable moments there to our guests during dinner.

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  • Turkey is one of the world’s oldest wine countries – why not plan a visit to Cappadocia and Kusadası: the best places to taste the local wines.
  • Long breakfasts are a tradition in Turkey. The Turkish tradition of enjoying long meals as a social event dates back to the Ottoman Empire

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  • We created plenty of Positivity videos in our campaign on social media over the time to keep the spirits up, keep focus on the happy days to come, and to be positive! at the very beginning as of March and still publishing  
  • OSDTurkey staff took part in many various industry platforms during lockdown, all to improve our service to you
  • We used the time and our expertise to work out the  pandemic related protocols for our guests’ safety and trust, that now allow you to visit with confident

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  • We challenged one and each other to boost our energy during the lockdown and keep our focus on you
  • ODSTurkey has made more than 100 thousand guests happy in Turkey since 1999 – now is the time we can really help many more be happy

Talk to us all about how you can be positive and safe, and bring your incentives, groups, and meetings to Turkey:

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Watch the Be Positive videos here

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