Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

Bosphorus Cruise is an indispensable experience in Turkey. Now, we offer a dinner on the Bosphorus cruise under the lights of Bosphorus Bridge which connects Europe to the Asian side. An Ottoman military band greets you for a fascinating dinner enhanced with traditional shows such as belly dancers, whirling dervishes and folk dances or with a technological touch such as laser shows. All aboard the 600 people capacity boat to take you from one continent to another continent.

Nightspot on the Bosphorus Shore

Sortie is the most popular nightclub in Istanbul. It is located at Kurucesme district where you will be an onlooker to the fantastic Bosphorus view. Sortie contains 7 restaurants in itself which provide different cuisines from kebab to sushi. This is the place where good music and good food merge. Sortie open all year round has been known to host up to 1000 people in the summer season.

Shining Pearl of the Bosphorus

Oligark has been one of the most preferred spots for nightlife despite only opening its door to guests in May. It has 5 restaurants that represent world cuisines inside. It gives you an opportunity to find a piece of your soul in every corner. Oligark which has the capacity of up to 3000 people in summer season was designed inspired by the 1980s. The concept of today blended with the ’80s will accompany your evening there.

1001 Direk Cistern

The charming atmosphere of 1001 Direk Cistern forms special alternatives for events. More than 1600 years old, Cistern turns the event into a fairy-tale and in this fairy tale land, not only you will have joyful hours but also you will add a character to the event by setting experiential areas such as calligraphy, the photo booth with traditional costumes, traditional food and drinks stands. The Cistern which is 3584 square meters has the capacity of 1.500 guests in sit-down dinner set up and 3.000 guests standing cocktail.

Spice Bazaar

One of the most exciting spots, Spice Bazaar, makes an exception and opens its door for you to give your guests the gift of an unforgettable moment. The Spice Bazaar which was built in the 1660s includes 3600 shops on 45.000 square meters area. A delicate Turkish cuisine and traditional shopping habits that you will experience are gathered at this magnificent dinner. The bazaar offers guests a visual feast with colors of spices. The red of Sumac, the black of black sesame-Çörek Otu, the yellow of Curcuma-Zerdeçal, the brown of cumin-Kimyon...


Bomontiada, an coverted old beer factory from the 19th century is now the hot meeting point for the locals. There are lots of pubs where you can find various beer brands to drink as you take in concerts, DJ performance, festivals, and famous art galleries.

Traditional Meyhane Experience

For dinner, you are invited to the traditional restaurant in Turkey called Meyhane. Here, you will meet unique mezes and “Raki” which is a traditional alcoholic beverage in Turkey. Members of the families or friend groups could sit around the table and have talk any topic hour after hour in Meyhane which has a special spirit.