Istanbul blossoms with world's largest tulip carpet

Since the beginning of April, every corner in Istanbul blossoms with tulips, the flower identified with the city itself. As a part of the 13th Tulip Festival, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality introduced the biggest tulip carpet in the world in Sultanahmet Square.
The 1,734 square-meter tulip carpet is made of 565,000 tulips in different colours and creates a traditional Turkish carpet motif.
Taken from the Turkic homeland in Central Asia's Pamir Mountains to Anatolia and spread worldwide, the tulip is the symbol of Turkey and Istanbul.
The tulip was brought to Europe in the second half of the 15th century. Tulip bulbs sent by the Austro-Hungarian Empire's ambassador in Istanbul, Ogier Ghislain de Busbecq, who was also a botanist, first arrived in Vienna and then in the Netherlands where tulip fields cover most of the country.

The Airport of the future

Istanbul's gigantic new hub will have six runways, the world's biggest duty free shop and a capacity of 200 Million passengers.

It will be one of the biggest international airports in the world once the fourth and final phase is finished by 2028 - and potentially the busiest - with six runways, flights to 350 destinations and an eventual annual capacity of 200 million passengers.
When phase 1a ends in 29 October 2018, Istanbul New Airport will have the world's largest terminal under one roof, with a gross floor area of nearly 11 million square feet and the ability to serve 90 million passengers a year.
Located on the Black Sea coast on the European side of Turkey, the airport will be 35 Km outside Istanbul, but the project's designers have said it serve as a gateway to the country with rail, metro and bus links.

Shakira at Vodafone Park

The 12 time Grammy winner, international superstar Shakira will once again take the stage in Istanbul on 11 July 2018 in the event organized by BKM.

Sharkira, scheduled to arrive in Istanbul as part of her "El Dorado World Tour", will be the first world star to perform in our country after a very long time!

The Colombian superstar, who has always reserved herself a place in top music lists with hits like "Waka Waka", "Whenever Wherever" and "Loca", has made remarkable achievement with her 11th studio album "El Dorado", hitting number 1 on iTunes in 37 countries shortly after this latest release. While her songs "Me Enamore and "Chantaje" [feat. Maluma] managed to simultaneously enter Top 5 in Billboard's "Hot Latin Songs" chart; "Chantaje" also reached more than 2 billion views on Youtube and became the most-watched music video in Latin music history.

As part of her 6th World Tour - organized by Live Nation and scheduled to start on 3 June 2018, Shakira will hit the stage at Istanbul Vodafone Park after 11 years in the event organized by BKM to make this summer an unforgettable one.

Maras Ice Cream

Maras Ice Cream is a creamy, smooth Turkish ice cream with an elastic texture.
You have to chew it; it melts as you chew. It is served with a knife and a fork.

Maras Ice Cream is made from milk, sugar and powder from the tubers of wild orchids ("Dactylorhiza Osmanica") which the Turks call "Osmaniye orkidesi." These oval tubers grow in pairs. The best ones dry to the colour of alabaster, indicating a high mucilage content. The tubers are dried, then ground into a whitish powder called "salep" which is used in the ice cream.
The milk used can be goats, sheep's or cows. The mixing is done with gelato machines imported from Italy. When mixed, the mixture is then pounded with metal rods or wooden paddles for 20 minutes to develop its elasticity. It becomes so stiff it can be hung from a hook.
It is made in different flavours such as vanilla, red currant, peach, pistachio, etc.
Maras Ice Cream has been made in Maras since the 1600s.
In Turkish, Maras Ice Cream is called "salepi dondurma".
("Dondurma" is "ice cream" in Turkish)

Celsus Library Ephesus, Private Event

We began the summer season with our cruise groups from the United States. These small sized ships are able to dock at several unique ports along the Eastern coast of Turkey. We have organized a private cocktail reception at the Celsus Library at Ephesus ancient city Kusadasi for 280 pax.

For more information, for group bookings, exclusive events and more or for any exclusive services for your groups, just contact Mr Hasan Dinc at