• Our borders are open with flights operating in and out of the country
  • Ukraine is divided into local zones, with colour coding to show what level of COVID protection is needed when in the zone, based on the number and growth rate of new COVID-19 cases, hospital capacity and testing rates.
  • Green and Yellow zones generally are open, so long as you wear a mask and gloves, and respect physical distancing at 1.5 sqm
  • Hotels have opened with the necessary safety protocols (this is all international hotels, and many of the local ones as well)

Ukraine PIC 1Ukraine PIC 1

The best time to visit?

  • A weekend (or longer) for Kyiv to avoid traffic jams
  • Any time of the year to Lviv, to get the atmosphere of the old historical city of the Lion (it’s in the name), the great city of jazz and coffee
  • Any time for Odessa and all the water activities and more, although it can get windy and humid December to February - fine if you come prepared for it!

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  • Our tourism community spent the lock down developing and refreshing ideas and programmes to share with you. For example, why not take the “Ways of Wine and Cheese of the south and the west of Ukraine”?
  • Be in Ukraine and in another country’s great city at the same time. Why not come discover our own Berlin (Kyiv), the Ukrainian Amsterdam (Odessa), the Ukrainian Venice (Vilkovo) and the Ukrainian Vienna (Lviv)?
  • The Tunnel of Love at Klevan is the only natural made wood tunnel in the world

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  • We’re proud of working with our peers in Ukraine making and promoting films that show why Ukraine is a safe place to come right now
  • Our company owner and Managing Director Dima Tantsiura became a Board Member of newly established Association of Incoming Touroperators of Ukraine
  • While the borders were closed, we created new products oriented for our domestic guests. Now the borders are open, we offer these creations and programmes for our guests from abroad. Ask us about them – get inspired ideas for your incentives, meetings and events.

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  • "Budmo" means “Stay strong no matter what” – we are using it as a toast to all positive things in this time!


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