Open Air Museum Mamaeva Sloboda is a beautiful example of past Ukrainian architecture, household and lifestyle from 17th and 18th centuries. Over 100 objects throughout the museum' territory are at guests' disposition. All the constructions sights such as houses, taverns, watermill, shynok (Ukrainian restaurant), smithy and church are identical to the real ones found in a Cossack settlement.

Apart from getting the feeling of the old Cossack times, being able to touch, feel and see the history as it is, guests can enjoy from a variety of activities. The museum lies on a beautiful territory of a park, with many fields, fruit trees and flora of exceptional beauty.

Mamaeva Sloboda is a conglomerate of buildings, all according to their household functions: sheds, stables, storehouses, cellars, barns, etc. Here, on traditional Ukrainian landscape guests can find a Marketplace, the Military chancellery and a Cossack garrison. The idea behind this park is spreading awareness as well as popularization of Ukrainian folk customs, traditions, skills and handicrafts. The park comes alive thanks to its activities, live shows and events, hosted on its territory.

Mamaeva Sloboda offers master classes and activities which can be interesting for both children and adults. Classes of pottery, horse riding, blacksmith's art, excursions, celebrations, as well as banquets, weddings and even marriages in the functioning church of the Blessed Virgin - all available at Mamaeva Sloboda.

For a deeper understanding of the Cossack place and atmosphere you are welcome to stay here for a few days in the ethno hostel. Nothing beats a fresh morning air accompanied with fog, the most beautiful sunrise and smell of awakening nature. Add here peace and tranquility of the lake, in which, by the way, guests can fish carps. If you prefer a horse ride in the morning, it is possible, too, all in the heart of Ukraine's capital city Kiev.

Mamaeva Sloboda, as a fully developed ethnographic park, helps its guests feel the atmosphere through the culinary Cossack journey. Four types of cuisine can be tested here - the elders (so-called "noble"), urban, peasant and Cossack (marching, from Zaporozhye). Not only food and drinks are created according to ancestors' recipes, but also the dishes presentation is very close to old models. All the staff of Mamaeva Sloboda is dressed in traditional clothes of the Cossack era. The park regularly hosts festivals and events timed to the Ukrainian folk and religious calendar. Christmas, Baptism, New Year and Christmas Eve, Easter, Ivan Kupala, October Cossack Pokrova and Macovei - all this mixture of ceremonies and characteristic of the culture of ancestors, is reproduced with attention to detail on the territory of Mamaeva Sloboda.

Activities in Mamaeva Sloboda

Excursion in Mamaeva Sloboda
During the tour, you will explore the territory of the Cossack settlement, learn about the Cossack customs, and visit the Cossack Church of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin and Dnepr estates of the Cossack age. Souvenirs and traditional gifts can be purchased on the museum grounds.

Pottery Master Class
Available for children and adults, during these classes' guests can try to create with their own hands cups, jugs, plates and other accessories from clay. Experience the process of 'burning' the clay, painting and engraving. A great handmade souvenir to be taken home.

Horse Riding Lessons
Cossacks were famous for their skills of riding horses. Learn from the best teachers and test how good your horse-riding capabilities are.

Blacksmith's Art
The idea of creating a sword with a man's bare hands in traditional conditions can be exciting. In Mamaeva Sloboda guests are welcome to experience handling hot steel, while producing household items.

The lakes on the territory of Mamaeva Sloboda are full of carps, which can be caught at guests' request.

Events' Management (birthdays, weddings, other celebrations)
Thematic and corporate events, birthdays, weddings and engagement parties - all can be organized on the territory of Mamaeva Sloboda.

Religious Weddings in Blessed Virgin Church
When looking for a traditional style religious wedding, why not organise it in the functioning church of Mamaeva Sloboda Blessed Virgin Church?

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