Eilat is situated at the southernmost part of Israel. It guarantees sunshine for 360 days a year. It is especially recommended to visit between October and March, when the weather is perfect for taking a break from the cold in other destinations. Average temperature during these months are between 18-22 C, and 65-72 degrees F.

Here are the best 10 things that you must do when visiting:
1. Swim with the dolphins
2. Visit Petra on a day tour
3. Explore the underwater Marine world
4. Dive in the Red Sea
5. Visit Timna Park: home of the world's first copper mine 
6. Relax on the Eilat beach in winter when it is freezing cold in other destinations
7. Go Shopping: Eilat is a tax free zone and all prices are cheaper by 17% (VAT)
8. Hike in the mountains: nature is all around. From inside the city, it is difficult to miss the towering mountains that surround Eilat
9. Try a new water sport: Windsurfing, kitesurfing, water skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, parasailing…
10. Bird watch: Eilat is on the migration path of the birds. The Eilat Bird Sanctuary is one of the world’s most renowned bird watching sites

How to get there – now – more and more flights are available directly to Ovda (Eilat).
Ovda Airport is located around 45 minutes North of Eilat and served by a regular airport shuttle.

Flights to Ovda Eilat from Europe
(Flights to Ovda Airport include Ryanair who only operate flights to Eilat and not Tel Aviv)

  • Belgium
  • Brussels – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
  •  Helsinki – Finnair
  •  Paris – Transavia
  •  Baden-Baden – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
  •  Berlin – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
  •  Bremen – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
  •  Dusseldof-Weeze – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
  •  Frankfurt-Hahn – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
  •  Budapest – Ryanair
  •  Milan – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
  •  Kaunas – Ryanair
  •  Krakow – Ryanair
  •  Warsaw – Wizz Air, Ryanair (begins October 2017)
  •  Gdansk – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
  •  Poznan – Ryanair (begins October 2017)
  •  Bratislava – Ryanair
  •  Stockholm – SAS (begins October 2017)
    United Kingdom
  •  London – Monarch


    The sun is waiting for you!

    For more information please contact Mr Amnon Ben David at israel@euromic.com