As you arrive at the Royal Yacht club Marina located on the Gulf of Aqaba the friendly staff of the Mahogany Sailing Yacht, Aladdin will welcome you warmly on board.

Once settled, the captain will give orders to his crew to set sail and cast off into the Red Sea for the first stop, located one hour away at Yamanyah Reef, one of the three most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Soft drinks are served and briefings are provided as Aladdin slips past the harbour walls.  

On arrival, ladders are dropped over the side and the crew begin to distribute snorkel gear so that you can discover the beauty the red sea hides beneath its crystal clear waters, The remotenees and uncrowded nature of the location allows you to experience some of the best snorkelling in the world, then it's off to the next stop, the yacht hauls anchor and sets sail to a location aptly named the ship wreck, an old ship was sunk years ago to provide an artificial reef and is now teeeming with corals and colourful sea life.

enjoy a lunch of fresh fish, grilled and served family style on board. The remainder of the afternoon is at leisure to relax swim and soak up the sun. As the end of the day approaches, Aladdin will set sail in to the sunset where alcoholic drinks are served as you watch a spectacular sunset framed by the mountains that surround the Aqaba Gulf of Jordan.

A truly magical experience and a fantastic way to spend the day.