To start, during the dinner on the night before the team building activity we will distribute to the participants rooms Indiana Jones style hats with a note to say please put on this hat for the visit of Petra!

The next morning, as the group gathers at the hotel, we will split them in to small groups of 5 or 8 - depending on the size of the group.
Each team will be given a note book that will have questions in it to help them solve the clues that they have to follow the guide explanation to find at different locations in the historical site of Petra, ending the first part of the Team Building activity at the Basin Restaurant located inside the heart of this lost city.
After lunch at the Basin restaurant, local Staff of the Archeological dig in excavating this lost city till this present time will designate one staff member per group to lead each group to one excavation site.

Here they will be given equipment to practice in a dig where they will have to look for Nabatean pottery items that has been hidden the night before for each team member to able to find one to keep for themselves where the logo of the company hosting the event will be printed or engraved on each item.
The teams will be given a time frame to finish within the excavation to find the items.
At the end of the day all points of the day activity will be added up to announce winners during the dinner on this night.
For more information please contact Mrs. Ghada Najjar, or for anything else Karma House can assist you with, at