Using The Road Book and 4x4s to self-drive from the Dead Sea to Petra

Experience Jordan through the scenic off-road special stages of the Jordan international Rally and Kings Highway, using 4x4s you drive yourself and the road book we give you to guide you only...

The road book given will have 10 questions and tasks that you and guests have to answer or do. The only real way one to get the answers is to using the help of locals - but as part of the Jordanian culture is hospitality and English is our second langue this exercise is just perfect...

Gathering in the lobby of the hotel, the day will start with a small briefing to guests on how to use the road book and the general rules of the day. The route will start through the winding off roads among the hills leading from the Dead Sea to Mount Nebo and Madaba.

Mount Nebo is the location not only where Moses pointed out the holy land to his people and it is the prophet's alleged burial place too. From Mount Nebo you will see a breathtaking view of the Jordan Valley, the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. A visit to a sixth-century church, hosting large old portraits of mosaics can be made too.

After the views and visit to Madaba, the capital city of mosaics in this area, where you visit St. George Greek Orthodox church, to see the remainders of the oldest map of the region laid out on mosaics on the floors of the church.

After the visit of the church we will walk for 5 minutes to Haret Jdoudnah Restaurant. (meaning Our Grandparents’ neighborhood) to a restaurant that was originally the home of a family stretching back to the beginning of the last century. It has been transformed lately into a beautiful restaurant that serves a wide variety of local dishes in a traditional setting.

Or we will drive along the scenic Kings Hwy to arrive at the edge of Mujib Valley where we will take a side off road and park our 4x4 for the guests to step down and see the view. Guests will walk for about 200 meters to the back of Bedouin tents where they will be deighted a nicely decorated set up of tables and a light buffet lunch, served by a five star hotel with the view of the valley.

After lunch tackle the Mujib Valley with its winding road and a magnificent view, climbed to and down the other side with off road driving created by local farmers. Then take to the Desert Hwy to reach Petra for the evening and night.

Skill driving - 4x4 - Petra to Wadi Rum

Guests will gather in the lobby for a briefing, then leave the hotel in Petra as a convoy through scenic roads across the Al Shara Mountains. The view along this route is just like a tail overlooking the Araba Valley, and then descends doewn to Wadi Rum - and to where the moon like desert is and where the fun starts.

Before entering the off-road area we will take pressure out of the tires, hook the 4x4 up and test driving skills through the soft sand. Magnificent view will be all around us, and we can make stops to see more: a climb up to Natural Rock Bridge, or a tea break made on the spot on the wood fire by our local Bedouin guide. We go until we end up at sunset with a sundowner followed by a festive Bedouin evening at a private Bedouin Camp, with a bonfire, music and festive Bedouin hospiltality.