A Natural Museum rich with historical sites that can be used in creating unforgettable events...

Jordan is the ideal incentive and conference destination. Karma House DMC, run by a passionate creative professional team, offers unforgettable events at the Ancient Historical Sites:

Grand Gala Dinner at the Citadel in Amman

Coaches depart from the hotel in Amman for a 10 minute drive to The Citadel.
Upon arrival at the citadel, coaches will park about 300 meters from the Omayyad Palace.
Candles and torches light the carpeted path that leads the guest’s into the Palace. In addition to the ambiance generated, animated music produced by our professional DJs & Hi Fi System creates the perfect atmosphere
Cocktail tables will be set up in front of the dome of the palace, while background music sets the mood.
The inside of the dome will be lit up at a specific time for the guests to cross though it, to have a set menu dinner among these ancient ruins catered by a five star hotel. 
(For entertainment we can arrange a Grand piano and pianist to play live or a classical quartet to paly live. We can also offer any kind of musicplaying by our DJ and Sounds System).

Cocktail reception at the Temple of Zeus
Followed by dinner at the Oval Plaza in the Ancient Roman City of Jerash

Upon arriving to the site at the North Gate of Jerash coaches will park & guests will proceed through a carpeted path to enter this Ancient city leading to the Temple of Zeus.
Roman soldiers dressed in their Roman costumes will be set at each side of the Temple steps to welcome the guests as they arrive.
In addition, two of these soldiers will play Roman trumpets to mark the beginning of the event.
Caesar will be sitting on his large chair at the end of the temple for the guests to sit next to and take photos with. After waiters offer drinks, trumpets will sound again to mark the end of the reception. Soon after, the columns of the oval plaza will be lit to reveal the dinner area where tables will be set up for a set menu dinner
(We can arrange any kind of entertainment the guests may wish to have from Music through our sound system or any live entertainment).

Private catered lunch under Bedouin Tent along the Kings HWY
(In route to Petra at The Eagles point over looking Mujib Valley)

After the tour of Mount Nebo, the alleged burial place of Moses, and Madaba, the capital city of mosaics, we will head south, though the scenic Kings Hwy ending at Petra.
On the way a surprise private catered lunch will be served in a local Bedouin tent facing the view of the valley.
Surprise waiters will be waiting in front of the tent to the offering wet towels and a welcome drink. Under the tent round tables will be set up with full cutlery. An open buffet with live cooking stations will be ready to serve food.
Guests will enjoy a lovely lunch under the shade of a large Bedouin Tent, while enjoying the view of Mujib Valley, named the valley of Arnon in the Bible.

The unforgettable cocktail reception & surprise gala dinner at Little Petra
(In front of an Ancient Nabatean temple, catered by a five star hotel)

Upon arriving at the location, guests will walk through a candle lit path leading them in to the mitts of the darkness. While listening to the sound of a local flute player hiding in the mountains, making them wonder where the music is coming out from, due to the perfect acoustics of the natural rocky mountains in the area, they will reach a small gorge (Siq). Once the guests enter the Siq, animated music of the sound of the wind and other natural elements will start playing until they cross, ending in front of a large temple that will be lit up gradually with the beats of the music from Carmina Borana.
Once the whole monument will be lit up waiters will appear and serve drinks while local background music is playing
During the reception a light show can be created, tailor made to the client event with projecting a slogan or the logo of the company on the rocky mountain & monument.
After reception ends guests will be asked to start walking back out through the gorge to the coaches to go for dinner. As guests leave the gorge, another monument will be lit up with the whole area, to reveal the tables that have been set up while guests where having the cocktail reception. A set menu dinner will be served to the guests catered by a five star hotel
(Any kind of entertainment can be offered) 

For more information please contact Mrs. Ghada Najjar, or for anything else Karma House can assist you with, at jordan@euromic.com