How to Combine a Meeting with an Incentive …and WOW 52 top incentive professionals

First: start with a great destination!

Build a custom logo for the event so it (and you) will be immediately recognized and to build expectation in attendees.  Then coordinate your meeting items with your incentive themes for an all-round seamless experience.

We started out with a (boring sounding) aim for each Meeting day, which we then paired with an incentive theme: 

Day 1: Performance turned into: Football – Passion, Performance, Players & Penalties

Day 2: Dialogue turned into: Tango – It takes two to tango (a day of two-way dialogue)

Day 3: Teamwork turned into: Polo – Putting it all together for a winning team!

Don’t they sound better already?

The theme ruled the day: from its own individual daily logo, to the décor of the meeting room, the themed coffee breaks, placemats, snacks, even the delegates’ dress code, all hinged around the theme.

Football:  Delegates each wore the football shirt of their country, the moderator was the “referee” complete with whistle and red/yellow cards to arbitrate the discussions with, placemats were soccer fields and the snacks were mini-chocolate footballs.  The coffee break was a highlight:  themed cookies and cakes, healthy snacks and a soccer genius showing off amazing soccer ball juggling.

The tango décor of the meeting room looked so good that one of the delegates tried to undress the mannequin to try on its leather coat! (luckily it was too small, so the tableau remained intact…).

The meeting theme segued into the Gala Dinner, with delegates all sporting their tango-inspired hats and red roses. The group photo at the hotel attracted LOTS of attention. It wasn’t only the delegates snapping pictures of this snazzy bunch.  Another guest of the hotel even asked how she could do to join the association, so she could go to next year’s party and have fun too!

The final thrill was to finish the meeting on a high note and then all jump in a coach for the drive out to a polo ranch in the pampas.  A basic polo lesson by a pro had everyone practicing hard, and then teams were organized and the fun began!  Seated on practice “horses” each team had to try and hit as many balls as possible through the wicker goalposts.  Results were varied…some were excellent (one had even played some polo in his youth), some unlucky, some had lousy aim, some were hopeless, and some were laughing so hard they could hardly stay aboard!  In the end, they had to bring the goalposts a little closer…

A barbecue, well watered with Argentine wine, only served to up the fun level, so the final prize-giving was a raucous end to a wonderful day which emphasized teamwork, fun and a sense of family.  A fitting end to “the best meeting ever!”.