Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Dine-arounds have always been a popular offering for a group’s evening entertainment. 
However, groups are getting ever younger and are looking for something less formal. Sitting around a table in a fancy restaurant having a long-drawn-out meal: those days are gone. The younger generations are looking for something more stimulating and informal. In these days of cost-cutting and shrinking budgets, one way to have your cake and eat it too is to offer a bar-around instead of a dine-around.

When visiting Buenos Aires, rather than offering the typical dine-around, how about proposing a bar-around?
There are many excellent bars in Buenos Aires, which range from the elegant to grungy, as well as exotic and offbeat, where one can enjoy excellent cocktails and delicious food in a more relaxed and informal atmosphere, which encourages conversation and sharing. The common denominator is the quality of the offerings, both food and drink, but each has its own “special something” that sets it apart.

Located in a petit hotel in posh Recoleta neighbourhood, and accessed through imposing wooden doors, the Presidente bar’s old-world charm boasts wood panelling, crystal chandeliers, leather upholstery, and excellent music. The habitués are young, snazzy and occasionally famous. There is also an area reminiscent of an old-style orangerie which can be used in private for a group.

Located in a huge reconverted warehouse in the San Telmo area, which is now an antiques shop, Napoles is full of fascinating items from different ages.
Classical statues rub shoulders with vintage cars, Chinese pottery, chandeliers, old steamer trunks, motorcycles, model ships, marble bathtubs, grandfather clocks, and a myriad of other collector’s items.  The bar area boasts stained glass, gilt mirrors, and a large selection of beverages.  Everywhere you look, there is something fascinating to observe. The owner even promises that if you come in your Bugatti, you can park it beside your table! The menu consists of pizzas, salads, bruschettas and a few tapas, which blend excellently with the informal style of the venue. If you see a piece you absolutely LOVE, you can take it home with you (for a fee, of course!)

When you arrive at Floreria Atlantico, you might be excused for thinking you had got the address wrong.
Nestled between art galleries and swanky apartments, you will find a well-stocked flower shop, which also sells a selection of wines, long play records of many varied musical styles, books, and good quality gourmet products.
However, wander over to the large walk-in cooler at the back of the shop and you will find that the door opens onto an underground bar which is, according to ‘The World’s 50 Best Bars’, the very best bar in South America.
The décor simulates a dockside refuge from the start of the 20th century. The carpeted floor and the drawings of legendary sea creatures on the walls gives this bar a personal-mythological touch which is magical. Cozy and intimate, the underground cavern extends far back into the depths of the earth with a fully stocked, incredibly well-lit bar to the left and just ten tables to the right.  The wine list is almost as long as the 17-metre bar, and it offers a wide selection of international cocktails to be marvelled at. 
The house gin is named Principe de Los Apostoles. It is a homemade blend from Buenos Aires itself: distilled with yerba mate, eucalyptus, peppermint, and pink grapefruit, the spirit is so smooth it can be drank neat without a flinch.
Florería Atlántico has an inventive menu made up of three parts – tapas, mains (catch of the day and some beef dishes prepared on an antique grill within sight of the patrons) and desserts; all of which are geared around sharing.
The atmosphere is lively and chatty, and the staff is attentive.

Shout is a bar that occupies an old French-style house from the beginning of the 19th century in the city centre. The décor in this bar is modern, and the open kitchen has an emphasis on the grill (including some selections which are usually not found in bars). Both the cocktails and food have a distinctly Argentine flair. It’s an ideal space to relax, listen to great music and savour gourmet dishes and original cocktails.
It’s also an ideal place to visit if wine is your beverage of choice, as Shout provides a large selection of top quality wines which can be requested by the glass, thanks to their original temperature-controlled wine dispensers. You can try several excellent wines in one night and decide which you would like to take home with you.

In trendy Palermo neighbourhood, tucked between an historical hotel and a fancy restaurant, a stairway draws one into the most original bar in Buenos Aires.
Uptown recreates a New York subway station, complete with turnstiles and railcars, for an innovative “underground” experience. A cross between a bar and a disco, the décor fluctuates between classical and “trashy” with graffiti-covered walls which contrast with the glamour of the cocktails on offer.

If you have ever fantasized with visiting a 1920’s speakeasy during Prohibition, where bars were only for the “in” crowd, Frank’s Bar is the place to go.
The access to this hidden bar is through an old-fashioned telephone booth, where you must dial in a password (which changes weekly) to open a secret door onto a Hollywood-style alleyway. The antique chandeliers and vintage seating, the costumed bartenders, hot jazz, classical cocktails such as Gimlets, Manhattans or Tom Collins, the luxury and glamour, all take us on a journey back in time.
For those who wish to eat something, there is a selection of sushi and tapas but Frank’s strong suit is the premium cocktails, or uncommon historical drinks such as Egg Nogg and Posset.

If you don’t want to go to a bar, you can bring the bar to you. Add your own personalized bar with different styles to suit your event, from a rustic barn style for an estancia day, a glitzy mirrored bar for a stunning gala dinner, or a chic country style bar for a stay on a private island in the Tigre Delta.

Want to add a bar to your outdoor event with style but without too much hassle? 
Bar Trucks add a touch of modernity and simplicity, bringing a selection of cocktails to wherever you are.  This is a fabulous option for a polo day, so your guests can experience the glamour of the sport of kings.

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