Brazil is an unusually blessed country. Besides the 5,000 miles of coastline with amazing beaches, you will find a huge variety of culture, wildlife and ecosystems like the Rain forest in the Amazon. But above all, the big attraction is the people, the Brazilians.  Here is the land where dream comes true.  Come and experience it!

Rio de Janeiro booming with new Carioca Style Hotels

To be a Carioca (person from Rio de Janeiro) is a state of mind.  They have their own way of enjoying each little minute of life.  The new trend with local hotels is to translate this joyful and relaxed style into the properties.  In the recent months Rio de Janeiro got 2 new hotels in a total Carioca Style: Upscale and Relaxed.

Hotel Arpoador – Located right on the the walkway of Arpoador Beach, on the cozy corner of the Famous Ipanema Beach, this new hotel brings the Carioca Soul and Experience to its guests.  Allied with an amazing view to the sea and the best sunset in the city.

Janeiro Hotel – Designed by Rio de Janeiro most known fashion brand owner this property is located at the upscale Leblon Beach.  The Janeiro Hotel brings together the exclusivity of a boutique hotel and the flavor of being a local.  All this in the neighborhood known to be the fanciest, with the best restaurants and bars in the city.

Fairmont Copacabana Hotel - On a more classic style, yet in a very local address we have the Fairmont Hotel opening in July.  Deluxe and comfort brought together right by the world famous Copacabana Beach.

Choose your style and visit Rio.

Amazon Deluxe Experience

Experience the Brazilian Amazon with all the luxury that one may need.  On board of a Deluxe Yatch chartered specifically for your group, experiment the best of Amazon Nature.  While navigating enjoy the comfort of having a top chef presenting you the best of local gastronomy as well as trained butler services.  Outside of the boat expand your soul with unique experiences such as swimming in the Negro River with the pink dolphins and having a barbecue under the stars in an Amazonian Beach.

It is time to prepare for Carnival: The Largest Popular Party in the World

The joy of the carioca (Rio de Janeiro citizens) is contagious on those who visit Rio to participate in the Carnival,  egardless of their origin. It calls on everyone to move their feet, let their arms loose, let their eyes shine and fully participate in this feast. Be it in Samba schools, on Avenida Marques de Sapucaí, or in the street blocks, the order is one: fun.

It is time to prepare for Carnival 2020!   Bring your group to live a Carnival Experience, learn how to Dance Samba and the roots of the Samba Drums.  Adventure themselves in the real Carnival Parade. We arrange the classes, the costumes, the experience.  All your guests have to do is to relax, dance and move with the Samba School.  And of course, wish to be the Winner of the Year!

Accept this invitation and come celebrate life in Brazil. Those who visit, become fans.

Unique Venues for Unique Events

After the Olympic games in Rio many venues were launched or renewed in the city.  Some great ideas for the Special Gala Event of your group, may range from modern to classic, from fancy to popular. Rio has it all.  Just a few of our favorite venues for you:

Sugar Loaf Mountain – On the top of one of the most famous Post Cards of Rio, the Sugar Loaf Mountain, your group dinner will be unforgettable.  It might be in the beautiful glass restaurants for up to 150 guests.  Another option is the Mirante open area for up to 200 guests, which may also be used as cocktail area.  If you are planning a larger group, the Amphitheater is the perfect spot to host up to 450 for dinner with a great stage to present a fun Carnival Show.  If this is not enough, on the higher mountain your group may enjoy a lounge style ambiance with the best view of the city. Board the cable car with Walpax and see it for yourself.

National Historical Museum – The museum hosts the collection of Brazilian History in this beautiful colonial building.  Perfect set for an evening event is to start with a cocktail in the open sky Cannon Patio followed by the dinner in the main Patio.  We may work for dinner with up to 500 guests, and for a standing party for up to 700 guests.  A short visit to the museum collection may also be arranged before the event.

Fiscal Island – This mix of colonial and gothic green building was Brazil’s costume house in the colonial period. It held the Last Ball of the Emperor just one week before Brazil became a republic in 1889.  A beautiful venue by the sea that may host small VIP events as well as up to larger gala dinners or parties.

Museum of Tomorrow – The newest museum in town is a Santiago Calatrava building. Modern and in harmony with the blue waters behind it, by Rio’s New Port area.  Ideal for small private events with up to 30 guests, it also counts with a nice auditorium.  The interactive museum is worth a visit while the group is around.

City of Samba – Build your own private carnival inside the heart of where the real Carnival is made, the city of Samba.  We design a dinner ball in the middle of the Carnival Floats used in the parade.  A Thematic Gala Party, with amazing gastronomy and the Samba Soul.  Masks, costumes, drums and the Samba School team performing and making everyone dance enjoying this unique culture of Brazil.  If you want a full experience the evening may start with the group learning to dance Samba or play drums.  The more adventure ones may even try to make their own carnival costumes or masks. 

A trip to the Baroque Colonial Period by the Coconut Coast

Bahia situated on the NE coast of Brazil is a lovely tropical state with white sandy beaches, coconut groves, golden sunshine, refreshing blue sea and great weather year round. It is the heart of Brazil. Once the economic, cultural and political center of the South Atlantic. Bahia is colonial, modern and mystical. White settler from Europe, black slaves from Africa, along with the native Indians built a harmonious life, which still prevails today. Salvador / The Saviour - capital of Bahia was the first capital of Brazil.  Boutique local hotels such as the Fera Palace or the upscale Fasano Hotel, brand new in the city of Salvador, are the perfect lodgings for your group to live this special side of Brazil.   Mixing beach and culture, Salvador center of the city is a Unesco Patrimony keeping the baroque colonial art as it was in the 1800’s. 

A very nice combination is to extend the group’s stay to one of the resorts in the Coconut Coast.  With green warm waters, charming fishermen villages and an awesome landscape you may choose among cozy Praia do Forte, fancy Trancoso or the exclusive Comandatuba.

Iguassu Falls Where Emotion meets Nature

Long before the Spanish explorer Don Alvar Nuñes reached South America's greatest waterfall in 1541, the local Indians had named it Iguaçu - meaning great waters. There is no more fitting description, as thousands of visitors to Iguassu each year will testify. Once seen, the falls - all 275 of them - are never forgotten. The two-mile wide curtain of water crashing 300ft over a series of precipices into a spray-filled gorge constitutes the most spectacular sight of southern Brazil and probably the whole of South America.  The falls mark the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Choose the Fancy Belmond Hotel inside the National Park, a reserved lodge in the Argentinean side or one of the several resorts that Iguassu offers and experience this mix of emotion and nature.  Full moon night walks, zodiac river rafting, barbecue under the stars, picnics by the falls, helicopter rides and much more are waiting for your group in Iguassu Falls.