Over the years we have had feedback from many of our international industry colleagues on just how complicated it has been to apply for a Brazilian Visa, and that changes to this process would be a critical factor for Brazil to receive more guests from these countries.

We are happy to share that the Brazilian government has finally decided to make changes that dramatically simplify the process, making it much faster and much cheaper too!
Citizens of the USACanada, and Japan can apply online as soon as 72-hours before departure! Australians have had access to the system since November and it has proved popular and easy to use...

See below for some quick FAQs:

Where do I apply?
Through the dedicated website - http://vfsglobal.com/brazil-evisa/index.html 
How much does it cost?
Approximately USD $44 per person (previously it cost around USD $160!). Payment can be made online by credit card.
How long does it take?
Less than 5 business days (previously it could take up to 40 days) after payment is made.
Is the process entirely online?

See you in Brazil soon!


Everyone has a Bucket list, and certainly, Rio's Carnival is highly rated on everyone s.

Want to incentivize your team, thank your costumers and increase sales, Why not during the largest Party in the world??

From the 10th to the 13th of February, the streets of Rio will be invaded with color, laughter, creativity and people from all nations together enjoying one of the largest open air operas in the world.

Be it at the Sambodrome, be it in one of many of the street parties, like Sargent Pepper, a carnival band that joins over 180.000 people to listen to the Beatles with the unique Brazilian Percussion.

Understand a little of how this industry works some interesting facts below:

  • Over 250,000 jobs are created due to Carnival.
  • The 13 major samba schools generate jobs throughout the year for hundreds of dressmakers, carpenters and other professionals working thoroughly on the elaboration of thousands of costumes and the floats used in the parades of the Sambadrome.
  • Last year Brazil welcomed nearly a million tourists to the city for carnival, who are said to have spent US$782 million, according to officials. Hotels and restaurants have long profited from spectacularly increasing prices in carnival season.
  • Over 3,500 people parade in each of the schools

Below a few of the Bucket List to do s that will be incorporated in your event:

  • Carnival ball at the Copacabana Palace, the place to see and be seen
  • Watch the parade for your private Hospitality Suite
  • Be one of the stars, take part in the Parade
  • Sunrise exclusive breakfast at the Christ redeemer (private viewing)

Rio welcomes all and all want to take part!

The Walpax Team is waiting for you

For more information, please contact Anna Nagy at brazil@euromic.com