Costa Rica is known worldwide for its peace, its beauty, its environmental drive and its incredible nature. As you drive through this small however big country, you find that diversity touches every single corner and landscapes vary by the hour. Volcanoes, rainforests, savannas, small picturesque towns, wildlife and gorgeous beaches with warm seas are only a part of the attractive that Costa Rica offers.

There are dozens of activities that can be arranged for participants to enjoy and delight, here we are aiming to talk a bit about the most popular in the country. Among these, we recommend, as our favorites, four adventures:


Canopy Tours are now everywhere in the world. However, few people know that they were created in our country when biologists were researching life on the tops of the forest and had to move from one tree to another. 
The adventure is indisputable. The wind is rushing on your face as the breathtaking views slide underneath.
Wherever you are in Costa Rica you will find canopy tours. From those who intern in the jungle to those flying on top of it.  Some of them allow you to walk, from platform to platform, some others, you simply start and only touch the ground after the last zip line.
The bottom line of them all is that they are fun, done in gorgeous settings and permanently inspected regarding security.


From the mild floating, while watching the green shades of surrounding rainforests to the undeniable fun of individual tubing and the adrenaline rush of  Class 4+ furious rapids,  rafting is an all ages favorite of all times.
All of them flow through outstanding landscapes that will give participants the exotic memories of intense twists, drops, and turns for a challenging and fun adventure, all placed in magical scenarios.
As well, regarding rivers you can practice kayaking and tubing, depending on where you are.

Rainforest and Volcano Hikes

The only other word that can compete with "rainforests" regarding an adventure flavor and aroma is "volcano". Almost anywhere in Costa Rica you can find magical rainforest and volcano hikes, in wild settings and with a beating biodiversity that you can actually feel wherever you go.
With more than 900 species of birds, four species of monkeys and two species of sloths and dozens of other species of mammals Costa Rica is an ideal spot for those who would like to do nature and or volcano hikes.

Snorkeling Cruises

The sumptuous Costa Rican coasts are perfect for catamaran sailing adventures. Secluded beaches with calm waters, warm and beautiful blue Ocean, astonishing snorkeling sites, and gentle waters ideal for ocean kayaking or stand up paddle.

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