Costa Rica, the small country in the middle of the two giant Americas. A source of adventure, nature, peace and friendliness. A place where nature is taking back space from the pavement. Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for any weary traveler. However, the question comes: What makes it so great for Incentives Travel?
You know what they say: People come to your life, for a season, for a reason or a lifetime.

Well, at Premio DMC we like to give you two seasons, five reasons and a lifetime love for Incentives in Costa Rica.

Two Seasons

In Costa Rica, we have two very specific weather periods: The dry season and the rainy season, better called the green season.
However, in truth, it is one season with two periods as the temperature never changes from one to the next.
Costa Rica is always nice. The bottom line is that it can be different from one season to the other, but the temperature remains pleasant even if the landscape changes.

Depending on where you are, seasons might be in one period of the year or another. Yes! As small as it has different seasons for different regions. The Caribbean Coast sunny season is shorter and happens in separated moths throughout the year. (March and April and September and October). While on the rest of the country is six months long and happens from November to May. (In the North Pacific it can even be longer).

Now, when we talk about the rainy season, we are talking about some hours of rain every day. It is not, at all, rain that lasts all day long, neither cold rain.

In Costa Rica, it can pour, but the stronger the downpour, the quicker it finishes. Except for certain weather phenomena that can also happen in the sunny season. The rainy season is as pleasant as the sunny season. And sometimes, it can even be better as landscapes are colorful and everything glows.

Five Reasons

There are more reasons than just five for Costa Rica to be ideal for an event!
However, we will summarize them in five:

1. Peace
Costa Rica, as you may already know, does not have a standing army since 1948, it is also neutral, and is considered to be one of the safest countries on the planet, politically speaking.  You will not have political travel warnings whatsoever.

2. Nature

As small as it is, Costa Rica holds 5% of the total biodiversity in the World. The numbers of species of birds, mammals or reptiles are almost ridiculous, as high as they are. But even better than that, and because it is such a small place, your participants will see them! 
It is almost hard to avoid monkey’s sightings, colorful birds, and dolphins when on a boat ride. Some areas are considered to be open zoos!
For participants, it is always delighting to see monkeys, agoutis, sloths, or coatimundis in the hotel surroundings or in the organized excursions.

3. Infrastructure
From the region of Central America, you can find a vast array of different accommodations in Costa Rica from the luxury and comfort of great all-inclusive options to the beauty and tranquility of nature immersed lodges.
The service and the quality are superb in general.
Probably what makes the difference is the education levels. In a country without an army, the budget is heavily inclined towards education and you can see it in the high quality of service in Costa Rica. 

4. Friendliness
Happy people is friendly. That is not a secret. Moreover, Costa Rica is considered to be in the Happy Planet Index, the happiest country on Earth. Wherever you go in this country, you will find that joy turns into a great attitude towards visitors, and life in general.
 Whenever participants go into the towns, or do any activity around Costa Rican people, the comment we hear the most is certainly about the Costa Ricans friendliness and attitude towards life in general.

 5. Sustainability
Costa Rica is a leader in sustainable travel.
You will find several programs to encourage environmentally friendly practices all throughout the incentives travel industry.
The Certificate of Sustainable Travel given by ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Board) is found in hotels, tour operators and nowadays restaurants. But beyond that, it is another education accomplishment.
Costa Ricans are also educated nowadays in recycling, reusing, saving water, etc. It is a priority of the country.

A Lifetime Love

Costa Rica is the sort of country that makes visitors want to come back over and over. There is too much to see and to do in such little space that one vacation is never enough.
Its condensed beauty, its personalized services, the smiles, the animals, and colors turn the environmentally friendly Costa Rica to be a love that lasts a lifetime.

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