The New Creative Resources of your Costa Rica Team, Premio DMC...

Costa Rica, the small country in the middle of the two giant Americas. A source of adventure, nature, peace and friendliness. A place where nature is taking back space from the pavement. Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for any weary traveler. However, the question comes: What makes it so great for Incentives Travel?
You know what they say: People come to your life, for a season, for a reason or a lifetime.

Well, at Premio DMC we like to give you two seasons, five reasons and a lifetime love for Incentives in Costa Rica.

Two Seasons

As we all know, the demanding needs of companies have changed. Words such as teamwork motivation, integration, and engagement are now, under daily basis, part of the requirements that modern corporations seek to achieve its objectives and engage associates appropriately.
These practices, together with permanent innovation, are key to deliver successful programs.

At Premio we clearly understand that. Having the outstanding beauty of the Costa Rican landscapes as a platform, we decided to acquire an exclusive license of Catalyst Global, the largest network of corporate team building, for Costa Rica, creating a new division of Premio called Premio Team Building.

And to give a sample of the fantastic teambuilding options that we can offer, we are listing three instances of the dozens of possibilities that we have in this area of our company. 

It is essential to underline the fact that, regardless of the need of the company for a real monitored teambuilding activity, we can create fantastic icebreakers and fun after-dinner activities.


Picture the team work in one of the majestic Costa Rican sites, with the howler monkeys calling in the rainforest in the back. The participants use the Go Team app installed on a tablet. This app highlights a single follow arrow that guides teams to their waypoints that can be a hanging bridge, a waterfall at the end of the trail or an orchid garden. Once members arrive to their destination, GPS-triggered challenges are distributed to the teams in the form of clues, questions, and pictures that they must work on together to achieve points.

Boom Time

This is an unusual conference icebreaker or energizer that unites teams as they produce adrenaline-pumping music. This powerful icebreaker converts any conference room into a vivid, fast-paced orchestra that will interest, enthuse and stimulate everyone.

Flat Out Pyramids

In this groundbreaking and fun team building exercise, each team is provided with supplies, accessories, and full construction plans and charged to work collectively to turn a 'flat-pack' kit into a giant pyramid. Problem-solving skills are needed to build a series of shapes and then form them into a pyramid. The participants need to use top time and resource administration skills to develop the project on time and with restricted resources.

Another new wonder that was created by Premio recently is our new Creative & Production Team. An interdisciplinary group of specialists dedicated to design and develop the most memorable events, combining their infinite creativity with an impeccable delivery, all set in the magical nature of Costa Rica.
With unique floral design, premium linens, fantastic furniture, and state of the art technology, our professional team can take your breath away in a multiplicity of created environments and enchanting theme events.

In conclusion, Costa Rica keeps on growing as a multi-dynamic and complex destination, ideal to create successful events, fantastic memories and loyal participants, as long as your program is organized by your Premio Team!

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