Cuban culture is rich, colorful and full of life. All Solway’s programs and events allow you to enjoy this richness. Cuba  is a melting pot where cultural influences from 3 continents - Europe, Africa and Asia – merge together, giving us high culture and universal appeal. Fernando Ortiz, an eminent Cuban scholar, studied this process of blending and called it transculturation.

Cuba has left its personality in all cultural genres. It’s in our musical influences bequeathed to the world, such as the popular salsa, chachachá and the mambo (and even Cuban jazz, with its roots in jazz of the United States).  

There are our writers and poets of the stature of José María Heredia, José Martí, Dulce María Loynaz, Alejo Carpentier or Nicolás Guillén, internationally renowned painters recognized as Wilfredo Lam or René Portocarrero or exponents of dance such as the National Ballet of Cuba and the Prima Ballerina Alicia Alonso.

To understand why we Cubans are so cheerful and enthusiastic, but at the same time sacrificed and struggling, you have to know our history. Cinema has also a key place in the history of Cuba. It has undeniably contributed to the Latin American and world cultural legacy. As the seventh art, as film is known, developed on the island, our society was hitting a cultural high point in cinema that we maintained ever since. The International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, held in Havana, is a hugely popular event.

But you can also enjoy theater, as we have since the XIX century: Cuban theater is defined by and showcases Cuban characteristics. The art of representing reality with fiction and using fiction to build reality is one of the oldest artistic manifestations of Cuba. In all the provinces you can find theater companies for adults and children with high participation from the population.


We have many important cultural events you can enjoy including:

  • Jazz Plaza International Festival
  • International Meeting of Ballet Academies
  • Salsa Festival
  • International Book Fair
  • Drum Party
  • International Guitar Festival of Havana
  • International Choir Festival.
  • Caribbean Festival. Feast of Fire
  • International Ballet Festival
  • Camagüey Theater Festival and Havana Theater Festival

Beyond these events planned by a huge range of cultural  organizations, we can organize programs tailored for groups with Cuban culture at the heart of each activity.

In your program we can include for example:

  • Visits to our art and history museums
  • Cuban dance classes – you can salsa like a Cuban
  • Cocktail and cooking classes – we gave the world the mojito and the daiquiri
  • Visit to an iconic factories of Cuban emblems cigars and rum
  • Visit to Community Projects - take part in artistic activities
  • Tour of the headquarters of the National Ballet of Cuba and other renowned dance companies with you participating in their rehearsals,
  • Shows in the most renowned Cuban nightclubs.

In every single place, Cuban music, rhythm and happiness accompany it.

Allow us to share with you this marvelous experience. Grouplanner  by Solways Cuba makes all this possible for you.