Cuba has the purpose of receiving more than 4 100 000 visitors in 2017, which means a 10% growth compared to the expected figure in 2016. As Cuba is an island, air arrivals play a decisive role in this objective.

The country has 10 international airports along the island and all of them have registered an increase of regular and charters flights and received new airlines that had opened connections with Cuban cities.

The last months of 2016 have marked the regularization of flights between the United States and several Cuban destinations through American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta, Spirit, United Airlines, Alaska, Frontier and Southwest. These airlines have authorized up to 110 arrivals to 10 Cuban cities.

But not only the US airlines have started flights to the country, the last October the European Austrian Airlines and Azur Air debuted weekly arrivals from Vienna to Havana and from Moscow to Varadero respectively.  November was selected by the German Airlines Eurowings for the opening of a new regular route and by the French Air Caraibes and the Italian Alitalia for the arrival of its inaugural flights.

At the ends of December Turkish Airlines opened its direct flights to Havana with a frequency of 3 weekly flights.

In addition to the increase in flights, Cuba has more than 65,000 hotel rooms, more than 17,000 houses for rent and hotel investments continue, which will allow the opening of new hotels in early 2017.

On the other hand the country promotes foreign investment in the real estate development associated with golf courses that will allow to have new offers for golf lovers in the near future.

On the island, endemic species abound; some rarities have been also reported. Its diverse lush flora and admirable fauna, including unique specimens in the world, are some of the attributes that identify it. Hiking and walking tours of valleys, mountains and forests are attractive offers for outdoors.

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