Copenhagen is The City to visit in 2019. The famous Lonely Planet has ranked Copenhagen No. 1 City, Best in Travel 2019.  We are proud of our city, and at First United we will make sure your event will be filled with the special unforgettable Copenhagen Feel.

At First United we want to ensure that Copenhagen is not just a destination; it’s an experience. That’s why our team works hard to make sure that all participants will have a unique experience, both inside and outside the meeting rooms. It’s easy to state things like this, but let us also show you how we combine business and pleasure:  

Go Cook

The world-famous restaurant Noma has paved the way, and many restaurants are following the “local” path with earth-to-table ingredients grown in the backyard.

We at First United recommend that you get the true taste and feeling of the New Nordic Cuisine not just by tasting it, but by cooking it yourself. We can arrange special dinners with a challenging teambuilding competition where the participants prepare their own food, assisted by talented chefs. This can also be done as a lunch activity, preparing the famous Danish Smørrebrød (Open-faced Sandwiches). Or you can cook in the open, challenging yourself in finding ingredients in the wild. We think cooking activities are a fun way to strengthen professional bonds, and at the same time motivate and inspire the participants. Talking about cooking activities – Denmark just won Bocuse d'Or 2019.

Go Green

Copenhagen is a sustainable and livable city with an ambition of becoming CO2 neutral by 2025. So, while you’re here, we suggest that you enjoy the city as a Dane – jump on a bike and feel free like a bird. First United can arrange green and active meeting breaks where the participants enjoy the city and the fresh air on short guided biking tours. Alternatively, we can arrange the business lunch at sea. Embark a small solar-powered picnic boat, be your own captain and enjoy your lunch while you sail in the harbour and canals of Copenhagen.

Go Creative

Iconic Danish Design fills the city and the daily life; it’s the furniture, the lamps, the jewellery, the cutlery – it’s everything. First United has developed small special design tours and hands-on design workshops that easily fits into a business programme, focusing on fulfilling professional goals and at the same time allowing the participants to experience the iconic features and history of the city.

Go Now

Finally, while you’re doing business in Copenhagen you can’t help enjoying the famous Danish concept “hygge”. “Hygge” is a way of living, a way of wining & dining and a way of enjoying life – we guarantee it will grow on you.

Come and experience Copenhagen, No 1 city, Best in Travel 2019. Don’t wait, 2019 is the year!

At First United we will always go the extra mile to ensure that all participants will feel that they get both business & pleasure in Copenhagen. We are proud of the city and would love to share it with you!