The most eagerly anticipated French DMC marriage of the past decade...

euromic is pleased to announce the most eagerly anticipated French DMC marriage for the past decade: 

The long-established Holt Paris Welcome Service, which has been running the most prestigious programmes in France since being founded by Alan Holt nearly 60 years ago, has now joined forces with its younger peer, Nacara Destination Management, based in Paris since 2014.
Both companies will now work together from Holt’s long-standing office at 12 rue du Helder with each company retaining its name and identity. 

Holt Paris Welcome Service has established its reputation primarily on the long-distance markets, such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and some upmarket Asian groups, whilst Nacara Destination Management has been active on the European markets, such as the UK, Germany, Benelux, Poland and Scandinavia. 

Nacara’s Pascal Roulland will become the CEO of the two companies whilst Susan Holt will continue to work beside him as his consultant - as Susan says "He is my new boss"!

Despite the differences, in terms of the two companies’ length of experience and different target markets, both share the same vision for the industry.
With 10 years’ experience in the business, Pascal Roulland has the same respect for the industry as Susan Holt and the same sense of passion.
This new alliance will widen the scope of each brand by boosting their respective names and thereby increasing their visibility in their targeted markets. 

The team comprising – see picture from left to right:
Chloé Grimaud, Susan Holt, Laetitia Parnière, Audrey Latinier, Soufiya Karoui, Pascal Roulland and Anne Martin

The team looks forward to welcoming your groups and FITs in both MICE and leisure – come celebrate this new DMC marriage!

In the meantime, together with all of Paris the team will be preparing for the future and of course for the Paris Olympics in 2024!
The Olympics will be a sightseeing tour in itself as many of the great monuments and areas of Paris and the towns close to Paris will be used for the different Olympic disciplines:

Cycling on the Champs Elysées, equine events in the park of Versailles, fencing in the majestic Grand Palais, Archery in the Hotel des Invalides – without disturbing Napoleon’s tomb! 

The opening ceremony will happen in the Stade de France built in time for the World Cup in 1998 just close to the Olympic village which is to be built at the foot of the Cathedral of Saint Denis resting place of the Kings of France!  Whilst the Media village will be near Le Bourget the landing site of Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of Saint Louis!

A great opportunity for Paris to show off its famous elegance and splendour!

For further information, please contact Mr. Pascal Roulland and/or Mrs. Susan Holt at