On 17th April, Holt Paris made the buzz in Paris. Following the merging of the company with its younger peer Nacara DMC in October 2017, the new team decided to organise a party in honour of the former owner Susan Holt.

On this particular occasion, all the Parisian partners, former team members, clients who made the trip to Paris, met at the Liberty Barge, an elegantly decorated pontoon situated opposite the Statue of Liberty and belonging to the prestigious company Yachts de Paris and catered by the equally famous Le Nôtre.

Over a hundred persons came to celebrate the event and to pay tribute to Susan thanking her for the last 50 years dedicated to the company and her passion for the job. Many of them reminded her of the importance of her input at different levels throughout the years, having been their mentor for some, confidante for others or simply because of her respect for her work partners. She insisted in reminding the audience that she only succeeded thanks to the presence for so many years of her life partner Alan Holt, who founded the company in 1960 and thus pioneered the industry as he was the first ever DMC in France!

As Pascal Roulland the new CEO of Holt Paris Welcome Service, expressed during his speech, “The new team is proud to be part of this renowned company but we well know that it will be a difficult act to follow.” In conclusion, he added “Holt is still Holt, the values are still the same and we all work in the hope of 60 more prosperous years!”

For further information, please contact Pascal Roulland at france@euromic.com