• Germany is famous for its efficiency, and this has helped in these times – Germany was one of the most effective countries in keeping corona numbers low
  • Hotels have opened again from 1 June onwards for both leisure and business travel
  • Although Oktoberfest is cancelled this year, you can still enjoy many of the gingerbread stores, rides and rollercoasters there in Munich in July and August 2020. We can help you get there.
  • Restaurants reopened at the end of May - a name and phone number are needed to get you the table booked for your dinner
  • Compass Tours Incoming was established in 1974 – a time when the term “DMC” was not even invented, making it one of the oldest DMCs in Germany with a great history of delivering and with a contacts book to make everything you want

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  • The “must see, once in a lifetime” event the Passion Play Oberammergau has been rescheduled for 2022 (performed every ten years, it should have been premiered in May 2020). This gives you opportunity to make sure you don’t miss out – just ask us at Compass Tours Incoming, and we will make all your arrangements
  • All museums, tourist attractions and theatres also opened at the end of May. Advance ticket bookings are necessary and group sizes are reduced for control, but all is open once more
  • Most importantly beergardens are open again: the favourite place for Bavarian locals and visitors are serving once more

  • Hard to think about but a reality: not every company will survive the financial pressure caused by the Corona crisis. But Compass Tours Incoming is strong and will still be solid on the other side. If you want reassurance on our standing, and that we will be here post Corona, please ask us for our financial status
  • “Corona time” gave us, the whole team, plenty of opportunity to think about what we do, how we do it, how we approach problems and how to add creativity to your programmes and requests. Now Germany is opening again, we are ready to turn these great ideas into reality!

  • We’ve learned and understood the protocols that are now needed for every event now and in life after Corona. Together with our hotel- and transfer- partners we will make sure that you and all our guests will have a safe, and unforgettable experience in Germany
  • And did we mention? The beergardens are open again!


Let the power of Compass Tours Incoming’s knowledge of Germany help you right now:


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