Relax, sit down on the beach, and enjoy your Mojito under the shady leaves of a palm trees with the waters of the river glittering in front of you and the iconic silhouette of the TV tower glowing orange in the light of the sunset. Wait a second... the Berlin TV Tower?

Yes! This is Berlin and summer is the time to be here.
Forget about the coolness of the sea or the mountains and dive down into the hustle and bustle of Berlin’s nightlife while it’s hot.
After your aperitif in one of many beach bars or rooftop terraces you should take your dinner in a local beer garden or small street restaurant and continue the night under a stroboscope hanging from the trees where you can find yourself immerged into a conversation with people from all over the world while the morning dawn chases away the shadows of the night.

This is Berlin during summer. The city of long nights as the local saying puts it (“Kreuzberger Nächte sind lang”), where you can do boat trips in the morning and attend street parties in the afternoon.
A city that has plenty of natural and artificial sandy beaches along a labyrinth of waterways, a city whose parks smell of barbecues at dusk, a city that has become a playground for Europe’s both entrepreneurial, arty and festive youth. If you are into history or art the wide range of museums will cater to every possible taste and interests, but your visit would not be complete without a daytrip to Potsdam – just 45 minutes from Berlin – with a showcase of palaces and castles nestled among lush woods and blue lakes.
History was written in the nearby House of the Wannsee Conference – today the area around the eponymous lake is a popular refuge for Berliners who escape the heat of the city to spend a day on the beach.

If you want to dive deeper into the green surroundings of Berlin the region of Spreewald is famous for its channels, cucumbers, and Schlepzig whisky distillery. Put yourself behind the steering wheel of a local vintage car or a high class sports car and discover the German capital and its surroundings. The Spreewald region itself can best be explored by boat or canoe.

Wherever you go, don’t miss the sunset on your downtown beach oasis or on the rooftop terrace of your hotel with a view of the sunset behind the roofs of the city when Berlin is getting ready for one more long night.

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