Which location provides better options than a village for casually sharing adventures far from everyday stress? When you are in the village you are a local!

This exceptional event concept offers amazing possibilities from 50 up to over 1000 participants in authentic villages in Germany. Stay with hosts that run either a nice little bed & breakfast across the range up to a 4* Superior Hotel

The village which bears your company is name will be symbolically handed over to you by the mayor by means of a village key and the ceremony is framed by the local brass band. Cooperating closely with the locals, our team will do whatever it takes to make your stay as pleasant as possible

The village offers numerous opportunities for a company is presentation on site where you can make the chosen destination your village so that staff and customers are immediately able to identify themselves with your business. 
Your guests will be surprised by the city limit sign carrying your company is name, by streets or places being named after your products or corporate characters. 
You might also decorate the streetlights with specifically designed flags.
You might even create your own currency for the event and have the participants pay with it in restaurants and shops!
Take the opportunity and enjoy such a unique experience by becoming a local.

Compass Tours Incoming is looking forward to arrange such exceptional event

For further information, please write to Mr. Michael Kater at germany@euromic.com