Each time most of us pitch, send a presentation or proposal on all the offerings our region has, we usually leave something out. Well, not always, but we tend to take for granted the single most important part of any MICE event. The professionals, the organisers, the staff, everyone in the background. Right?

Those panoramic shots of the city or sights. The stunning pictures of people having fun from events past. The videos of entertainment or activities on offer. Yes, they all look amazing and very enticing. But we know they’ll never look, sound or feel that good to a client unless our professionals make sure that everything goes as planned, and we know it’s nowhere near as simple as the average person thinks. Experience and foresight are everything, not to mention intuition.

This summer we received a request for a proposal to host a global event over 4 days in September for one of the worlds leading technology companies. The destinations had been narrowed down to Lisbon, Madrid, Dublin and London. They were looking for creativity and great venues and it was a tight deadline to submit our proposal.

Our team got to work immediately, putting together a proposal to transport, accommodate, entertain, feed and provide great locations for conferences, activities, workshops etc. To make matters a bit more difficult we were informed about the previous year's event which was in a much more exotic location and apparently it blew all the attendees away!

Our MICE team worked around the clock, negotiating the best possible deals in the interest of the client. Everything strategically planned to make transitions from one venue to the next as smooth and short as possible for over 100 attendees. Each venue was meticulously planned and divided up to host several activities at once, making sure to keep all persons entertained, involved in a task, or just to relax and enjoy some downtime after each activity.

When we received news that we had the winning bid the real work began almost immediately, as the event was only 3 months away and no detail was going to go without being double, triple or quadruple checked in some cases.

Without going into very much detail about the event (a summary), guests were collected from the airport as they arrived from all over the world, transferred to their hotel for check-in, then for the evening reception the guests were taken on a 2 hour cruise up the river Thames, taking in some of the most iconic sights from a more relaxed point of view. For the next few days, the guests had meetings, conferences, workshops, activities and entertainment at Wimborne House Studios with top quality catering for all throughout the day. A Gala and awards ceremony was hosted at MC Motors at the end of the week followed by drinks in one of the best cocktail and fine wine bars in the area, Ruby’s.

The smiles all week and general atmosphere told us all we needed to know about how well this event went, but to top it all off we received word back recently that this event scored the same as last years event, which was a serious challenge in itself. A great accomplishment from our MICE team and our directors, who were on hand throughout this event to make sure nothing went wrong and that everything went as smooth as possible.

This is what everyone can expect from Cashel Travel for all their MICE needs. No matter how big or small. Our attention to detail is second to none. With passionate staff and offices in Edinburgh, Manchester and London, we’ve got you covered throughout the UK.