The 10 + 1 Reasons to Visit the Athenian Riviera All Year Round:

  1. For its very convenient location. Just a few kilometers outside Athens (Only 30 mins away from the Athens city center and the Athens International airport), the urban landscape gives way to a unique seaside, cosmopolitan resort. This is the southern coastline of Athens!
  2. For its emerald waters, sandy beaches awarded with Blue Flags and rocky coves perfect for a swim, water sports or even windsurfing and scuba diving.
  3. For its ideal climate that makes you feel as if you’re on an endless summer holiday.
  4. For its vast variety of accommodation options. The area offers top quality deluxe 5* resorts, but also less expensive lodging options, to meet everyone’s budget!
  5. For the Temple of Poseidon, perched high on a cliff of Cape Sounion – one of the most significant monuments of Ancient Greece, and one of the most important attractions in Athens. The energy of the landscape is indescribable, and has inspired myths and legends. Being there at the right time will enable you to view one of the most breathtaking sunsets to be seen.
  6. To sail the Greek seas. If you are a sailing enthusiast, the Athens Riviera has many fully organized marinas from which you can set sail for beaches and villages in the Peloponnese, Sounion – cruising by Athens’ cosmopolitan beaches – as well as the islands near Athens, in the Saronic Gulf.
  7. For playing some golf, at the modern Glyfada Golf Club.
  8. For its enchanted Vouliagmeni Lake, ideal for swimming in its 24°C therapeutic waters that boast mineral properties, or simply for enjoying a stroll, a drink or a meal in its magnificent settings.
    Urban legend has endowed this lake with a touch of the supernatural, possibly because divers have disappeared in the past while trying to explore its hidden depths and caves.
    Another mystery that Lake Vouliagmeni offers is that of its own depth; no one has been able to determine just how far down it goes!!
  9. For the best seaside sea food dining.
    From little-known treasures to elegant classics, the Athens Riviera has plenty of “tavernas” and restaurants that can bring the sea on a plate!
  10. For its bustling nightlife; when night falls, you’ll enjoy your cocktails in one of the many beach bars of the Riviera, filled with the city’s “young and fabulous”, dancing until dawn!
  11. Simply because here, the summer never ends!!

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