Sport tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global travel industry nowadays and many travelers plan their holidays based on the activities they can enroll during their getaways.

Greece has a long and glorious tradition in athletics from the first Olympic Games of antiquity until the modernized and more up to date sports such as Parkour games, which Santorini repentantly hosts since 2012. Visiting Greece, it is one of the most ideal destinations that combines picturesque islands, Acropolis and the ancient culture.

Amongst classic athletic activities Greek professionals import to the market new services that are completely harmonized with each location and destination, providing a different view and a more vivid experience of the scenery.

Each year Athens hosts the classical Marathon in which visitors can feel the glory of the ancient times starting from Marathon area until the Panathenaic stadium.
By joining in this unique experience, a guest can familiarize with 2500 years of history by choosing among 6 different race styles always aiming to achieve the race of the 42km. The mindset is not to go through the finish line first, but to learn to achieve each goal with sportsmanship. With 50.000 runners annually, Athens Classic Marathon has become the top “not to miss” experience and the most significant sport and cultural event in Greece. Marathons are organized all over Greece for those who want an alternative of the classic race.

Staying focused on the spirit of sport tourism, Spetses Island host every year the traditional Triathlon that consists of 1500m swimming, 25km cycling and 5km running. Spetsathlon is one the biggest races in Greece for six years and rightfully considered challenging. Due to the morphological characteristics of this island, the race is designed in such a way to circle the island and the participants can finish from site to site.

Moving forward from the classic term of athletics, travelers in Greece can choose different kind of activities according their preferences. You can find Santorini’s marvelous sunsets, gastronomy and landscape in a catamaran cruise or sailing excursion. Sailing offers visitors rare views of the island which consists of a volcano, a sunset sailing, or simply a sail around the island tour. This sailing experience is usually combined with diving in the volcanic nature of Santorini and gives the change to discover a new aspect of the island each time.

The jewel of the Cycladic islands, Mykonos is also known as the “Island of the Winds” and not unfairly since this fresh breeze never stops there. Mykonos offers a variety of water sports that anybody can experience almost every time of the year. This island is inextricably linked with fun and proves it in every possible way!

Conceptours offers exclusive experiences, handle with professionalism, ideal for each taste and age. Tourism is not only just visiting places never seen before but experience places with the best possible way, that is why our philosophy rotates around the most delicate activities that give chills to our clients.


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