Santorini can put a spell on the most demanding traveler by showing its tranquil sunset.

Santorini is one of the charms of Greece, rightly claiming the title of the most picturesque Cyclidic island located halfway between Athens and Crete. 
Thousands of years ago the volcanic eruption gave the present shape of the main island, approximately semi-circular and caused the center of Santorini to sink, leaving a caldera -crater with towering cliffs along the east side - now Santorini is trademark landscape. The ancient volcanic activity created this cragged beauty of Santorini and has linked this island with the myth of the lost Atlantis.

As all the Greek islands, Santorini has numerous beaches famous for their uniqueness since the volcanic nature of Santorini has given this lunar environment. That is why its beaches are totally different from any other place you can find in the Aegean. The black beaches of Kamari and Perissa, the red beach and the great beach of Vlychada resemble lunar landscapes, thanks to its volcanic action.

Apart from the unspoiled beaches and magnificent views Santorini has to offer the most charming sunset. What make Santorini is sunset so unique is the fact that the colors change from deep red to yellow, orange and purple, as the sun sinks into the Aegean Sea and finally turns in golden-red, reflecting light on the sea surface. 
You can enjoy this marvelous sunset from Oia -the most popular, Fira and Aktrotiri - also known as Faros.

Throughout the year, the volcanic activity made the soil fertile enough, so Santorini can vaunt about the succulent grapes - that make the most splendid wine and cherry tomatoes. In Santorini you will feel a tasty explosion, so do not miss the ultimate wine and food testing experience. 

Conceptours offers exclusive experiences, handle with professionalism in Santorini, ideal for each taste and age. Wine tasting, swimming in a breathtaking scenery and see the magic that Santorini has to offer. Santorini should not be missed from anyone is bucket list.


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