The biggest news in Icelandic tourism are however the first 5-star hotels along with the first Michelin-star awarded restaurant in Iceland.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon – The first 5-star hotel in Iceland

The world famous Blue Lagoon SPA opened the first 5-star hotel in Iceland this April. The new hotel, which is called The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, is featured with luxurious suites, its own private blue lagoon, exceptional SPA experiences and world class restaurants. The hotel has raised the standard of luxury in Iceland with exceptionally high service level, unique scenery and great experiences.  

Marriott Edition - The first 5-star hotel in Reykjavik

The luxury lifestyle hotel,Marriott EDITION,will be the first 5-star hotel in Reykjavik. The hotel is currently under construction and is set to open late 2019. The hotel is located in the heart of Reykjavik overlooking the old harbor and connected to the award winning conference and concert hall Harpa. The hotel will be welcomed by those who wish to stay at a local boutique hotel with the hospitality of a global brand.

Michelin-star cuisine

The Icelandic restaurant scene has never been stronger and numerous restaurants have opened recently. The distinguished Michelin restaurant guide has awarded the Restaurant Dill the first Icelandic star and few other restaurants received recommendations from the guide. What all the awarded restaurants have in common is the New Nordic Cuisine with emphasis on purity, simplicity and freshness with seasonal ingredients.

Atlantik DMC is celebrating its 40-year anniversary in 2018!

Atlantik has been Iceland´s leading DMC now for four decades, where the firm has operated many of Iceland´s largest and most challenging incentive groups. Atlantik has kept to the values of professionalism, initiative, team spirit, & respect throughout the years to meet the goal of being The Best DMC in Iceland!

Atlantik, with now 30 devoted Project Managers, looks forward to continuing leading the way in Iceland as a DMC for the unforeseen future and offering their clients high value and unforgettable experiences. 

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