The biggest selling points of Iceland Winter...

During the winter time on cold clear night you might catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights, the reason many people travel across the globe to see.
The most usual sightings are milky green lights twirling gently around but on occasions there are blazing multi-colored lights dancing around the night sky.
In recent years there has been a spike in different types of Northern lights experiences. You could almost say all activities can now be combined with northern lights, well except maybe caving, though it is still a possibility.


What are Northern Lights?

We don‘t want this to be just about the science behind them but for those who don‘t know we want to give a brief explanation of the phenomenal.
The basic cause of Northern Lights is the interaction between solar wind and earth‘s magnetosphere. The collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere usually about 100 km high. The most common colors are greenish, green and red, but oxygen-red and purple tones are sometimes seen.  The lights appear above the magnetic poles of the northern and sometimes the southern hemispheres though it’s rarer, they are called Aurora Australis.


Northern Lights forecast

How can you know if you have a chance of seeing northern lights during your stay in Iceland?
Like with most natural occurring phenomenal there is never a guaranteed that you might catch them, but the Icelandic meteorological office has over the years offered a northern light forecast on their website. This has made it easier for both local tour guides and people in general to look up the activity and if there is a possibility to catch a glimpse during the night.
Many hotels also offer a northern light wake up call, if you are already in bed when they might appear, because on average they are most common between 11 pm until 1 am during the night.
The forecast can be found here for those interested:


Types of Tours

Like mentioned before the different types of great Northern Lights experiences have been expanding over the years. It’s not just standing still and looking at the sky but many types of activities that can be involved in the search for the best view.

Northern Lights Hunt in a super jeep has been growing in popularity, the opportunity to go places others may not reach is a big plus and gives you a bigger chance of getting away from the light pollution of the city.

Northern Lights Cruise is for those that are interested in going out at sea. Sailing away from the coastline of Reykjavík and seeing the aurora borealis out in the North-Atlantic Ocean with beautiful mountains and the city lights in the background is something you won’t forget!

For the food enthusiasts you can combine a tour with a stop at one of the great restaurants with a special focus on great Icelandic seafood on the south coast. They pride themselves of the great chance of catching northern lights in the area. If you get unlucky and they don’t appear, well you get great food!

Then for those who seek action why not combine a snowmobile adventure on the great glacier Langjökull with your Northern Lights hunt? Amazing place to feel almost all alone on the world under the big starry sky and northern lights. Dress well though, it can get cold!

There are a lot more ways to combine great activities, restaurants or even a late hot chocolate with a good Northern lights hunt, the possibilities are almost endless.
But remember the Northern Lights season is from late September until beginning of April!

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