Would you like to have a champagne cocktail in an Ice Cave, or an executive meeting in an underground lava tunnel? How about experiencing the volcanic powers of Iceland in an interactive exhibition of nature‘s epic forces?  
For natural protection all of these places have been planned in cooperation with the authorities to minimize the impact on nature.

Into the glacier

The idea of exploring the inside of a glacier may sound downright daunting even a little bit crazy! But going where few others have ever gone is hard to pass up. Until recently, what lies under the surface of the Langjökull Iceland's second largest glacier has been a mystery. Now people have the chance to explore the deep blue ice of the glacier in a way that hasn‘t been possible before.  Go inside the 500-meter-long tunnel lit up with LED lights and the ice shows it’s many different blue colors. There is also a chapel – yes, you can actually get married there – why not?

Inside the Volcano

Thrihnjukagígur volcano is dormant – it last erupted over 4,000 years ago. The various colorations of the crate are breathtaking and the dimension of the cave can be intimidating. For perspective, you could easily fit the full size Statue of Liberty into the chamber.  A cable elevator takes guests down into the magma chamber. No worries though, the volcano is not expected to erupt any time soon.


Víogelmir cave opened recently after big renovations to make it more accessible for everyone wanting to explore the hidden wonders below the surface. Víogelmir is the largest of all caves in Iceland and considered by specialists to be one of the most remarkable caves on earth.
In 1993 bones and jewelry where discovered in the cave having been preserved there from the Viking era. The access to the cave is controlled to keep it in “mint condition” and is only available with professional guides.

Lava Tunnel

Raufarholshellir is located just half an hour outside of Reykjavík. The cave is one of Iceland’s most extensive, its total length is 1,360 m and its height is up to 12 m. The drama of natural light and darkness sets a delightfully atmospheric mood. The cave is accessible in all seasons and the winter provides scenery unlike any other with up to meter high icicles from ceiling to the floor.

PERLAN Museum and LAVA Center

With technology and progressive innovations, you now have the opportunity to experience different natural wonders of Iceland even without leaving the city center. This summer you can experience a new and exciting way to get to know Iceland and its natural phenomenon. At Perlan a glacier exhibition will open this summer, built in one of Perlan’s six hot water tanks. The exhibition will be one of a kind and offer a unique way to illustrate the glaciers, their stories, and how they have affected the lives of Icelanders through the centuries.

At only a 1.5-hour drive from Reykjavík, an interactive museum will open this summer. There you will learn about the powerful underneath Iceland and how it was made. There will be a 360° viewing platform that has view over three active volcanoes, Vestmannaeyjar Island, Hekla, and the famous Eyjafjallajökull glacier. At the museum, you can experience an earthquake of level 3 Richter scale and how it is to walk through a cloud of ash.

As a final note, we enjoy putting our guests to the test so here is one difficult word to practice before your trip to Iceland:
Eyjafjallajökull - ['erja, fjatla, jœ, kytl ]
Good luck!

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