• Flights into Iceland resumed on 15th of June for members within Schengen area, the EU, and the UK, while flights for other destinations resumed on the 1st of July.
  • Hotels, tour operators, activities and attractions have all opened to visitors again.
  • Iceland never had a full lockdown like many countries did. Instead, the nation was trusted to practice social distancing and personal hygiene while some milder restrictions like bans on public gatherings were put in place. Currently, groups of up to 500 people can gather publicly
  • The best time to visit Iceland is when you have time! Each season has its charms. Whether it is the charming colours of leaves in the fall, the northern lights in winter, the enchanting green landscape and midnight sun during summer or the early flowers of spring, it is always a great idea to visit Iceland

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  • Iceland has some of the world’s most unique incentive attractions including a manmade ice tunnel, geothermal spas, volcanic lava tubes, snowmobiling on top of a glacier, or excellent whale watching opportunities while being a top culinary destination
  • The first 5-star hotel in Reykjavík city, The Edition Reykjavik by Marriott is set to open spring 2021
  • Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe with only around 3,4 people per square kilometer! Enough space for everyone, visitors and locals alike.

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  • Iceland Parliament hotel, a 160 4-star upper upscale hotel by Hilton Curio will open in spring 2021, bringing the total number of Hilton properties in the city to 4, the previous properties being Reykjavik Konsúlat by Curio, Canopy by Hilton and Hilton Nordica
  • Iceland is home to the Blue Lagoon, which according to The National Geographic is one of the 25 wonders of the world by. It is a wonderful geothermal spa filled with geothermally heated seawater, rich with silica and algae which contains curative properties.


  • At Atlantik, we spent our time during the COVID-19 downtime to increase our supply and range of fantastic services for incentive groups.
  • During the early years of Atlantik in the 1970s, the company was also the local distributor of Playmobile
  • Atlantik operates countrywide and has staff members situated in 6 locations around the country
  • Atlantik is the most experienced privately owned DMC in Iceland, now with over 40 years in operation

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